“There are little folds of skin all over the place, you can hardly find it,” wrote Anne Frank in her famous diary. “The little hole underneath is so terribly small that I simply can’t imagine how a man can get in there, let alone how a whole baby can get out!” This, according to the…continue reading.

A couple of days ago we reported on a Riverside County district that had banned the dictionary because of the graphic manner that it defines oral sex (“the ora stimulation of genitals”). According to the Huffington Post, a committee of parents, teachers and administrators decided this week to allow the kids at Oak Meadows Elementary…continue reading.

“The Internet is often eternal,” says PC mag columnist and the host of the weekly podcast CrankyGeeks, John Dvorak. “Once something appears on it, someone will invariably keep a copy of it — or the thing will simply stay online forever. Just as the rest of us are finally forgetting that video of the chubby…continue reading.

Last week, the interwebz went ballistic over a YouTube video wherein a woman confessed to infecting some 500 people with HIV. “Just because something looks good, it could be dirty on the inside,” the masked woman says, talking to the camera in almost a sing-song voice. “Like a fruit. If you see a shiny red…continue reading.

Last year, on November 16th, the day after our fearless editrix’s birthday (and quite possibly the best day of all time), Dolce & Gabbana released their new Time ad. The ad featured 2009’s ultimate sex obsession, the ménage-a-trois (you can all thank Sean Percival and Gossip Girl for that). We should have reported on it,…continue reading.

I wish this was a joke or a statement about how the three people who hit on me at the coffee shop this morning seemed to only use monosyllabic words and so liberally sprinkled the word “like” in statements that nothing they said made too much sense. It’s not. Some schools have in fact banned…continue reading.

Vanity Fair‘s Claire Howorth talks with Joshua Ferris, lit darling and author of the acclaimed Then We Came to the End and the new The Unnamed. VF: Do you think your generation of writers is conflicted about sex? Or feels awkward writing about it? The Unnamed contains two pretty notable sex scenes and they’re… relatively…continue reading.

You think we’re kidding? OK, maybe a little, but only slightly. He had it with the first two sentences. Then he started going on about what a weakling he was and, well, that ruins the worthy adversary fantasy. The fact that this is strictly platonic might also be something of a problem. What proper battle…continue reading.

We had some sexy ladies earlier this morning through the link on our interview with CelebrityFantasies, so we thought to include a little bit of noms for us lovers of men. Behold the beautiful creatures that are Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Noah Mills and David Gandy! Behold the thankless, horrific task that is method acting…continue reading.

It was a typical day on Twitter. That is, I was e-stalking my object of absolute desire, responding to my friends, and being a good little monkey and checking my new followers to report and block any spam accounts. Then I saw it: @celebfantasies. Long gone are the days that I check everyone following me…continue reading.