It’s hard to believe how many places there are now for people interested in BDSM. I remember my parents finding a copy of Skin Two when I was young and shipping me off to a psychologist. It wasn’t easy being kinky then — but now everyone is reading and recommending bondage erotica and there are even kinky bed and breakfasts and vacation destinations! Here’s a quick roundup of these places, and resources for travel with desire as a destination.

The internet went into an uproar last week over reports of a man who’d been stung to death after attempting to “have sex with a hornets nest.” The story, which claimed that a man from the town of Ystad, Sweden, had died after receiving 146 hornet stings, including 54 to his genitals, turned out to be a hoax. But the use of insects for sexual purposes is no hoax. This post explores everything from penis enlargement to insect-related paraphiliae.