Slantist is what your newspaper would look like if it had a section dedicated to news about sex.

Here you’ll find news about the latest research being conducted to figure out what drives desire, passion, and other sex habits; reviews of sex toys, porn and other sex-related things; coverage of the latest sex-related news that have our mainstream media’s panties up in a bunch; human interest pieces about sex and desire; interviews with people who love sex, or hate sex, or work in sex, or work to enable you to have better sex; opinion pieces that relate to sex and social perceptions of it and so much more.

Until recently, this blog was called Sex and the 405, a nod to Candace Bushnell’s 90s column “Sex and the City” for The New York Observer. But the blog didn’t come first. Our editrix was joking with friends that if that column had originated in L.A., which is more a cluster of little cities than a city in the standard sense, it would have to have been called Sex and the 405. After all, most of us Angelenos practically spend a third of our lives on the 405 freeway.

Her friends thought this was hilarious and convinced her to buy the associated domain, which she did. Since she already had a column that took up the rest of the time she didn’t spend on the 405, she didn’t develop it as one might have done a blog. Instead, she used it as a sort of notebook, a collection of bits and pieces of information about sex that she might one day want to use in a column.

She didn’t intend for it to become a thing. But LAist and KTLA were having a slow news day and they decided to report on it, and next thing you know, it had a life of its own, which extended far beyond city limits.

This got problematic, as 405 isn’t really memorable for people outside of southern California and a “sex and” query doesn’t really return helpful results on Google. So finally, we agreed to rebrand and relaunch. This is Slantist. A blog about sex.

We still love L.A. That will never change.