We’re always looking for writers to join in the fun, and you don’t have to make any kind of commitment, either. One-post-stands are totally fine by us. Contributor with benefits work better? Anything you like.

We like short write ups on sex-related news; research on sex, pleasure, desire; reviews of sex toys, lubes, condoms, porn, places to have sex, erotica sites, anything you can think of that relates to sex; opinion pieces on sex-related issues; and confessional-style posts about your sex life. Sex fiction or poetry are not usually our thing, but if you have something really good, we’ll look at it. Just remember that our not running it is not a reflection of your ability — your work is amazing, we’re just not that kind of blog.

This is a small operation, so unfortunately, we do not currently compensate our contributors. If this pisses you off, good for you. You should never work for free. People who tell you to do it for “publicity” deserve a brutal rash. We would never tell you that. However, if you believe in labors of love and feel like contributing to ours, we’re more than happy to have you.

And, yes, you are allowed to write for us using a pseudonym. We know it’s not a very sex-positive world out there. If it were, this blog would really just be a section in your newspaper.

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