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In this clip, Josh Robert Thompson imitates the voice of Morgan Freeman while reading excerpts from the popular ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and offering his own commentary. Here’s a sample: “There are some sick people in this world. I cannot honestly believe people read this crap. ‘Do you want the regular, vanilla relationship with no kinky fuckery at all?’ My mouth drops open. ‘Kinky fuckery?'”

Men have followed me down the street poking me in what one can only assume is an attempt to get my attention. Men have grabbed the cord to my headphones and ripped them out of my ears. Multiple times. Men have grabbed parts of my body, or my coat or purse strap. They ask if they can get my number, they ask where I live, why I’m not smiling, why my boyfriend lets me walk around by myself.

Playboy and other publications of its time, played an important role in creating the legal structure that currently upholds our right to sexual self-expression. It wasn’t always like this. Once, Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass was considered obscene. Once, any article dealing with sexual matters — however educational — could result in a $5,000 and up to a decade in prison. The suppression of sexual discourse has always come hand in hand with the suppression of literature, as well as that of scientific inquiry.

The Sanfrancisco-based sex toy and education emporium Good Vibrations is holding a forum in San Francisco this fall to discuss the sexual state of the union. Their panelists (which read like a Who’s Who of sex education, research, journalism and commentary) will examine the awkward relationship between sex and mainstream media, pop culture and national politics. Day-long intellectual intercourse will be followed by a cocktail party, and, well, who knows where that will lead? We can be sure a fair share of attendees will conceive a book or two during the proceedings.

Headaches associated with sex are uncommon, but they exist — mostly in men. Preorgasmic headache may be related to brain lesions. Orgasmic headache is often severe and excruciating, whether due to aneurysm rupture or to the explosive component of benign coital headache. Post-orgasmic headache may occur as a manifestation of migraine.

A porn parody seeking to bring back a natural look! What are the odds of that? Actually, the odds are pretty high given we’re talking about the Harry Potter porn parody ‘Hairy Twatter: In Search of Bush.’ The erotic fan-fic around this movie franchise is so well-established at this point, Dreamzone literally had thousands — if not millions — of incredible stories online from which to draw inspiration. And yet here is their offering: it’s silly, lacking in creativity, not sexy and even creepy.

At a whopping $13 million, is the most expensive domain to ever be sold. Without a doubt, it was at the center of one of the most interesting sagas of our time. Say what you want about the evils of porn, defined the way we understand and legally approach digital properties. And yet there it sits, like a Tickle Me Elmo five years after the craze.

For Scott La Force, what began as an examination of restive sexual dysfunction centered on the suburban complacency of 21st century America has become a moment of truth. And now, those of us who happen to be in Portland, Oregon before the end of August can share that moment at the Cock Gallery, where La Force is exhibiting his vision as a photo essay.

Octomon Nadya Suleman still has not had much luck securing economic stability for herself or her children. In a last-ditch attempt to avoid getting evicted from her home, which was foreclosed in June but received no bids at auction, the mother of 14 has done everything from stripping to porn. Now, looking to raise $150,000 to buy a new home, she’s taking a step closer to the less legal side of the adult industry by offering herself up on the pay-for-dates site

We’ve all heard what happens to athletes who don’t abstain from sex before the match: they lose. We don’t know how we know or when we first heard it, but we know it and somehow, it seems to make sense. Is it true? The media has been having a field day with this question, especially after digging up a review from the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine from 2000 (um, slow news day?). We can’t be sure they actually read it, given their conclusions.