Most people who end up in the adult industry don’t dream about it since they were little kids, and Dave Levine was no different. Growing up in Boston, his father had his own business, and Levine grew up with similar aspirations. When the web came around, Levine knew it was the right platform, if he found a way to harness it. “Everyone said I was stupid,” he recalls. “In their defense, my original idea to use the internet to sell high-end art wasn’t that great. But I was willing to try a bunch of stuff and see which one worked.”

“I am a Game of Thrones fanatic, so getting to make Game of Bones – The XXX Parody is an amazing opportunity for me,” award-winning skin flick director Lee Roy Myers said in a press release. “I will ensure that we capture the look and feel of the show, and then parody the hell out of it. Also, fans will finally get to see the one thing that the show has been missing: full penetration.”

Several years ago Suki Dunham’s husband of 20 years, Brian, gave her what she calls the two best stocking-stuffers of all time: an iPod and a vibrator. “At the time, Brian was traveling a lot for work and we had two small kids at home,” Dunham told us. “After I made dinner, cleaned up and put the kids to bed, music was the vehicle that helped transport me to a different place so that I could open myself up to self-pleasure.”

Rose mentioned she had a Star Wars collection of ornaments once, but she’s been forced to start fresh — we can only wonder how she lost it. What we do know is that she lost the works of Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham, and Michel Gondry during a custody battle with an ex-boyfriend — who also made off with her dog! The nerve. We hope it’s the same guy she decked at the AVNs last year.

We’re not sure why we’re so surprised over the home-making wares in porn dolls’ wishlists. Is it that we don’t think they have a need for them because we have enshrined them above any humanity (or dehumanized them to the point where they cease to exist once they step off the set)? We don’t think so. We’ve actually never seen a wishlist with dinner wear in it. A registry, yes. But a holiday wishlist? Never. There is something really charming in encountering items with a purpose on what should be a display of total self-indulgence.

Today’s wishlist belongs to model and performer April O’Neil, soon to play Deanna Troi on the TNG Star Trek porn parody. That’s not just a part for O’Neil, who’s actually quite a Trekkie. Don’t believe us?

Wishlists are interesting in that they can tell us a lot about a person. Zoe Voss wears an extra small — that we knew from watching her flicks. What we didn’t know is she wears an eight in shoes, her ring size is 6, she has a Kindle and reads, she subscribes to a variety of rags ranging from the banal (Cosmo) to the thought-provoking (Vanity Fair), she likes movies in the theater, she is either a gamer or she is interested in becoming one, and she cooks — or plans to learn how to make pasta.

It appears that Wednesday was National Underwear Day, as decreed by the underwear company Freshpair. “Underwear should no longer be merely the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, but the most important thing you wear all day.” says Freshpair president Michael Kleinmann. That’s what the holiday is all about.

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While we were in Manhattan up to absolutely no good, we happened to meet Andrea Grant, creator and writer of the comic MINX. Immediately drawn to the complex plot line and sexy heroine (based on Grant herself), we knew we had to share her with you. So we asked her to take a time out…continue reading.