Last September, Michigan’s Grand Valley State University removed a pendulum sculpture after several students used it to emulate the music video “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus, in which the pop singer rides the steel ball used in demolitions. But the students at Grand Valley State aren’t the only ones parodying the music video. From evolution to Chatroulette, here’s a rundown of some of the best ones yet.

The controversial “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke is the hit of the summer, leading the charts in 14 countries from Australia to Iceland. The song, which features vocals by T.I. and Pharrell, has been widely criticized for trivializing sexual consent. The lyric “I know you want it,” the parade of half-naked women in the music video and the name of the song itself have led critics to decry the summer’s anthem as a blatant promotion of rape culture. In response, the web has thrown itself into parodying the song. This is a list of the best parodies we’ve seen to date.

Remember Charlie Sheen’s “goddess” Bree Olson? Looks like the former Penthouse Pet and adult film actress is adding band manager to her resume after signing to represent Tight, a band made up entirely of porn stars. “The biggest challenge a porn star band faces is being taken seriously,” she says. “These are very talented musicians but not everyone is willing to give them a chance.”

The naked body confronts the viewer with their own social assumptions and restrictions: here is the human form, which God created and declared Good — what are you doing with it? Why are you so shocked to see it?

Our favorite anti-feminist feminist, Camille Paglia suspects the rise of Gaga indicates the death of sex. Those of us who enjoy Gaga are “marooned in a global technocracy of fancy gadgets but emotional poverty,” Paglia says — are we?

Spring is here and with the warm weather come the sexy music videos. First up, is Christina Aguilera with her new single Not Myself Tonight a carnival of sex toys and BDSM themes to enjoy at our leisure! If that’s a little hardcore for you (don’t tell our editrix), just skip over to Miley Cyrus’…continue reading.

Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols: a kid, an icon, a tragedy, a legacy. He defined a generation and the radiation from its zeitgeist-shattering explosion can still be felt today. You know, if you look hard enough under the VersaSpa tans, over-processed vocals, and senseless Top 40 hits. Oh, who are we kidding? You…continue reading.

In the 70s, Georgina Spelvin starred in a flick that has become iconic in the porn genre: The Devil in Miss Jones. Directed by Gerard Damiano, who had worked on Deep Throat a year prior, The Devil in Miss Jones is a perverse tale of abandon and despair that perfectly encapsulates my greatest fear: a…continue reading.

We already told you about hot Sex Bloggers 2010 Calendar, but if you’ve still not made up your mind about how to keep tabs on your social life this coming year, let us tell you about the 2010 Bombshell Alliance Calendar. A product with a local fare, the calendar features twelve local independent bombshells who…continue reading.

Here’s the issue with euphemisms: they confuse the fuck out of people. Recently several news outlets reported that Lady Gaga had once been afraid of sex. Or intimacy. Or both. They’re not the same thing and anyone with an ounce of gray matter knows it, but because the media is either terrified of talking about…continue reading.