Mike Verdugo, the police officer who was terminated for his role in a gay porn film, will retain his certification as a law enforcement officer an earlier unlawful at the Hollywood, Florida Police Department.

Proposition 8 was overturned last week, and today, chief judge Vaughan Walker lifted his temporary stay on wedding ceremonies, meaning gay couples so inclined will be able to wed here in California after Wednesday, August 18.

Today a lawsuit was announced in San Jose accusing the governing body of U.S. competitive swimming, USA Swimming, of negligence for failing to prevent a swimmer from sexual abuse at the hands of her coach.

Mike Verdugo is a police officer in Broward County, Florida — or was until the Hollywood, Florida Police Department fired him over a role he played in a porn flick.

No member of the community should be perusing their copy of the DSM-IV to cite the pages about BDSM not being a sexual paraphilia or apologizing for what they freely choose to do. They should be supported in light of this tragedy as people, and the public should rally behind them in an attempt to become more informed about the prevention of workplace violence.

The Telegraph reports a number of erotic novels have disappeared from the top UK sellers list of iBooks. Think about that next time you buy one of their products, iSheep. If you think hype and “slick design” is worth your freedom, you don’t deserve that freedom.

The Rialto Police Benefit Association’s union building has a sex room, which is more like a nondescript room to which officers have keys and which they use for their liaisons.

Deep-water male squid are known to use a more primitive method, which involves somehow injecting their sperm into the female’s body. But how? A “strongly elongated penis.”

The new iPhone is out! Lines at all Apple stores, like club openings for unfortunate-dressed people. Sadly, the device is apparently having some issues. A lot of users are reporting reception issues.

A common superstition among strippers is that earnings are directly related to their menstrual cycles. When they’re ovulating, the theory goes, they make more money. Well, guess what? There may be some truth to that.