A recent survey suggests that Canadians prefer bacon to sex. The survey, conducted by Angus Reid for Maple Leaf Foods, discovered 43 percent of Canadians would take the nomy goodness that is bacon over a romp. “We wanted to probe how deeply rooted Canadians’ passion for bacon is — and the For the Love of…continue reading.

In November, we told you about Darren James, a former porn star who contracted HIV in 2004 and unknowingly spread it to other porn stars. James has been trying to make it illegal for porn stars to have unprotected sex since, but it’s not going well. Los Angeles County officials said it would be difficult…continue reading.

A recent study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health seems to have found that stressing abstinence-only may help delay sex in teens. This flies in the face of many studies done in the past ten years, as well as solid numbers on pregnancies and teens with sexually transmitted diseases. The problem seems to…continue reading.

We have nothing against China, but, boy ,is it the pits. In the latest crackdown against the porn industry, the Supreme People’s Court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate are targeting wireless carriers, advertisers, advertising agents, third-party payment platforms and websites. There will be no porn business for profit in China! The predecessor to this crackdown…continue reading.

A recent study by scientists from University of California, San Francisco, have identified a mechanism that prompts sperm to start swimming toward an egg. Appropriately targeted, this mechanism could assist in developing new methods of male contraception. So, basically, sperm are basically balloons of protons. Once they hit the female reproductive tract, these protons are…continue reading.

Judge Abraham Penn Jones ordered Andrew Young, the ex-aide of former Senator John Edwards, to turn over the sex tape on Friday. Young and his wife, Cheri, were at the Pittsboro, North Carolina court to contest a temporary restraining order forbidding them from disseminating the videotape. The judge found the Youngs in civil contempt of…continue reading.

Bethesda, Maryland, is, according to Forbes, one of America’s most well-educated small towns. It’s also the location of the most recent battle for sexual freedom. Paul Pickthorne, a Bethesda resident, hosts regular BDSM parties at his 3,600-square-foot home (dubbed “a castle-like McMansion” by the Washington Post, which obviously hasn’t set foot in California since the…continue reading.

In 2006, a West Covina police officer and sex crime investigator by the name of Tyler Kennedy self-published a 180-page book entitled The Magic Triangle: Coping with the Differences Between Men and Women, to help hapless men seeking “entrance to the magic triangle” (i.e., a woman’s vagina. Insert tired and tragic euphemism-induced angina here). “In…continue reading.

Kendra Wilkinson has vowed to celebrate a Colts Superbowl victory with lots and lots of sex. Hank Baskett’s likely response: “babyyyy, I just won a freakin’ Superbowl… can’t you just blow me really quick instead?” Image from urbandaily. Information from dbtechno.

Cheater du jour Tiger Woods has left the sex rehab center in Mississippi and been reunited with his wife and two children, according to RadarOnline. Wood’s wife, Elin Nordegren, has dropped her divorce lawyer and while she’s still not wearing her wedding band, rumor has it she’s committed to working on her marriage for the…continue reading.