West Covina Police Officer’s Self-Help Book Further Incriminates Him

Feb 08, 2010 • Crime, News

In 2006, a West Covina police officer and sex crime investigator by the name of Tyler Kennedy self-published a 180-page book entitled The Magic Triangle: Coping with the Differences Between Men and Women, to help hapless men seeking “entrance to the magic triangle” (i.e., a woman’s vagina. Insert tired and tragic euphemism-induced angina here).

“In my opinion, women are devious and vindictive and should be left alone like a rattlesnake on a hot summer day,” Kennedy says at the end of chapter one.

This is a man working with victims of sexual assault.

West Covina Chief of Police Frank Wills said he’d never read the self-published book before the current investigation into the officer, which came about as a result of allegations that Kennedy had sexually harassed and propositioned a sexual assault victim over the course of his investigation.

According to the San Fernando Valley Tribune, Kennedy was suspended from the force in a separate incident last year when investigators found he had become intimately involved with a 39-year-old alleged victim of sexual assault.

“After taking a look at it, the book is an embarrassment to the profession and to the West Covina Police Department,” Wills said.

“Men will accept any woman, on the other hand, that is chasing them around because the power of the Magic Triangle makes it very difficult to say no,” Kennedy says in the last chapter of his book. “The bottom line is that the Magic Triangle rules and men find it too hard to resist.”


Information from the San Fernando Valley Tribune.