Have you ever slept with more than one person at once and thought, “oh, God, if I could just put A’s epic blowjobs and her long legs and B’s love of anal and massive Rolodex on C’s sense of humor, pop culture prowess and tits, I’d have the ideal woman…” We’re like that about breakfast…continue reading.

There are two things our American culture taints, and therefore brands: sex and food. We are one of the most conservative, precautious cultures, and it manifests in our bedrooms and our food system, blanketing our libidos and over-salting our plates. Numbing our appetites. While brining ourselves in this stage of economic heat, we should stop…continue reading.

Let’s get the basics of Hollywood out of the way. You’ve got a date. And you thought you’d show your theatrical side by getting tickets to The Pantages but cannot for the life of your true hipster self think of where to take your glam gal. It’s your first date with this particular lady, and…continue reading.

A recent survey suggests that Canadians prefer bacon to sex. The survey, conducted by Angus Reid for Maple Leaf Foods, discovered 43 percent of Canadians would take the nomy goodness that is bacon over a romp. “We wanted to probe how deeply rooted Canadians’ passion for bacon is — and the For the Love of…continue reading.

In 2003, Rachael Ray did a photo shoot for FHM at the behest of the Food Network. She was not paid for it, but remarked that she thought it was cool that college guys brought copies of the issue to book signings. “I thought, I’m a cook, I’m over 35 and these young guys love…continue reading.

Sex and sandwiches. If you’ve been following Sex and the 405 for any amount of time, you know these things go together famously. You know, as in sex and then a sandwich. Or sandwich and some sex. had a different idea. They recently conducted a quickie informal survey about the best sandwich to have…continue reading.

When I hear the words “Elizabeth Hurley” and “Guilt-Free Snack,” beef jerky is the last thing on my mind. But here it is, fresh from Hurley’s own 400 acre organic farm in Gloucestershire: Hurley Jerky. Platforms are a thing of the past. In a world where singers can make fragrances as well as perfumers and…continue reading.

“What is that?” men ask, horrified. It’s a rather demure-looking book, featuring flan on its cover against a warm background. Natural Harvest, it reads. And to many living in Los Angeles and obsessed with things like “organic,” “free-range” and “all natural” anything and everything, this is a fine concept. Until you read the subheading: “A collection of semen-based recipes.”