For your Friday lulz: Where, oh, where would we be without Craigslist? Image via Lalawag.

Sit tight, perverts. A lot of geekery is to follow. Bear with me and you will be handsomely rewarded. Lukeywes1234 was an average YouTube user until the day 4chan (really? You don’t know what that is? OK, quick skim) decided to make him a god. His subscriptions shot through the roof and many of his…continue reading.

Social media brought with it the ability to connect with old and new friends. It was labeled the solution to the problem of loneliness experienced by a more and more mobile generation. But nothing is without its drawbacks, as some divorce lawyers with enough time to peruse divorce petitions discovered. They found one in five…continue reading.

“I grew up in Palo Alto and when I discovered this L.A. tech world I couldn’t believe how different it was than the area where I grew up,” Julia Angwin, author of Stealing MySpace, told the LA Weekly at South by Southwest: Interactive in March of this year. “In Palo Alto everyone is smart; they…continue reading.

The sex tape: a staple of our time, and, as far as Los Angeles goes, a requirement. Introducing Timelapser, an iPhone app that turns the sex tape into an artsy proposition. This app lets you easily make time-lapse videos on your iPhone. Because it works using still shots, you can use it even if you…continue reading.

Technology and sex have always been an ideal match. Recently, Rachel Kramer Bussel at The Daily Beast did an overview of the top eight hottest sexcessories around. These are our top three: PASSION Want to know how good you are in bed? Surprise, surprise–there’s an app for that! Launched in July, Passion uses “all of…continue reading.

Maybe there is a reason I have always been attracted to musicians. For those in the know, what you see him do when he performs onstage is very telling of how he will perform in the bedroom. But what about the guy who has made a name for himself by his blogs, tweets, podcasts and…continue reading.

I’ll admit it–I don’t chat a lot, but I open Gtalk and watch people’s chat statuses when I’m writing. I judge my permanently-available friends (green) and mobile (little phone), feel annoyed at my friends who idle (orange), and think my offline friends are antisocial assholes or technologically inept (gray). I know that’s not fair. I…continue reading.

Every time we blog, we take a risk. Oversharing is risky and largely indecorous by societal standards, not to mention that it leaves you vulnerable to anyone who cares to cast a stone as they walk by, but what is art if not an expression of self, and what is an expression of self, if not risk? If for every 20 stones cast, someone silenced can feel they’ve been given a voice or know they’re not alone, throw those stones.