Remember American Wife, the book by Curtis Sittenfeld, about an American first lady who is wife to a conservative warhawk and who stands beside him despite how much she disagrees with him on issues? Probably not because, well, who reads anymore? Anyway, it was said to be loosely based on Laura Bush. In the book,…continue reading.

“Support single moms,” say the shirts bearing a picture of a woman hanging on a pole. Oh, those poor, poor strippers. They have to get naked to support their kids because that’s their only real option. What if we told you that these women were supporting your kids? Check this out: Illusions Gentleman’s Club in…continue reading.

Love hurts, this we know. But so does sex! The Daily Mail has some lolsy stats on the sorts of injuries fearless Brits suffer on a regular basis doing what we do best: the nasty. The most common complaints are pulled muscles, back injuries, carpet burns, sprained necks and — interestingly — bent back fingers.…continue reading.

OMG! TMZ has released a SHOCKING video of Miley Cyrus grinding hard on a homosexual man more than twice her age! Behold the then-16-year-old back against 44-year-old Adam Shankman at the Last Song wrap party in Georgia: Everyone freak out! A teenager is acting like a teenager. SO SHOCKING. (If this classifies as distributing child…continue reading.

You’ve had a pretty hum-drum at the office, so we here at Slantist thought we would spice things up a bit with a double shot of WTF science. The following excerpt is from Graham Burnett’s A Mind In The Water, an article about the study of dolphins over time, which will run in the May/June…continue reading.

The Pill turned fifty years old this year and Time magazine has an incredible piece detailing our tumultuous, misunderstood relationship with it. If you read anything today, let this be it: It was the first medicine ever designed to be taken regularly by people who were not sick. Its main inventor was a conservative Catholic…continue reading.

Martial arts star Tito Ortiz was arrested last Monday on charges of domestic violence at the home he shares with former porn star Jenna Jameson. According to TMZ, the police stated Jameson had “visible injuries.” Jameson left the house with her father after Ortiz was taken in handcuffs. She told a TMZ photographer she would…continue reading.

24 may be over, but Keifer Sutherland is still on a mission here and there. Most recently, the actor was spotted outside London’s Springfellows strip club at some ungodly hour of the morning, making a scene. “He went bananas,” an unnamed source told The Sun. “Shouting nonsense and dancing like Peter Crouch before kicking off…continue reading.

And because we continue to expect our politicians to not be human, we’re all really surprised to learn that President Barack Obama may have been involved with a former campaign aide. Per the National Enquirer, “a confidential investigation has learned that Obama first became close to gorgeous 35 year-old Vera Baker in 2004 when she…continue reading.

While we have done our best to kill the idea that HIV and AIDS are the “gay disease,” for a long time, efforts to educate the population about transmission risk have focused on gay men only, The result of both the stigma and the focus on gay men is a startling 77 percent of women who don’t bother with condoms during anal sex (the figure for men is 39 percent) and 65 percent of women who never test for HIV (the figure for men is 37 percent).