Of The Year

I don’t need to tell you that two “exotic dancers” were not deemed an acceptable addition to the aforementioned publication’s list of powerful, successful women. But watching Monica Jones appeal her conviction under Arizona’s grossly discriminatory “manifesting prostitution law” (which overwhelmingly targets trans women of color) yesterday, it finally dawned on me — nominating someone in the background via a quiet little e-mail isn’t disruption. Why wait for permission?

This revolutionary lubricant is available only in a water-based formula, as its hydrogen-based oxidization allows for the liquivibrotic stimulation to transfer smoothly to the user. A silicone-based version currently is being reformulated to accommodate its slick consistency, and once their joint laboratory finalizes the formulation the two companies are expected to be considered for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

By all indications, the Adult Video News (AVN) Awards were a train wreck, so thank God you weren’t there. We’d say we braved the madness for you, but that would be a blatant lie. We had an epic weekend and picked up the press release when we got home. Lazy blogging — it’s an art. In any event, here’s a run down of the award-winning accouterments, because if you’re anything like us, you’re always on the market to take things up a notch.

Urban Dictionary, a crowd-sourcing site that provides the web with definitions to commonly and not-so-commonly used slang and expressions, has selected its word of the year. Or, more accurately, its expression of the year.

In 2003, Rachael Ray did a photo shoot for FHM at the behest of the Food Network. She was not paid for it, but remarked that she thought it was cool that college guys brought copies of the issue to book signings. “I thought, I’m a cook, I’m over 35 and these young guys love…continue reading.

In February, Sheyla Hershey of Houston, Texas, proud owner of 38KKK-sized breast implants, announced she will continue to have breast augmentation surgery until she takes the Guinness World Record for biggest implants, which is currently held by 36MMM-sized Maxi Mounds. And who could forget that April afternoon when news broke that Vince Shlomi–better known as…continue reading.