A Florida legislator wants to outlaw abortion in Florida. “I just felt like we’re destroying a lot of Florida’s children, and we need to stop,” said State Rep. Charles Van Zant, R-Keystone Heights. The bill he filed in February would make nearly all forms of abortion a first-degree felony for the provider, punishable by up…continue reading.

In November, we told you about Darren James, a former porn star who contracted HIV in 2004 and unknowingly spread it to other porn stars. James has been trying to make it illegal for porn stars to have unprotected sex since, but it’s not going well. Los Angeles County officials said it would be difficult…continue reading.

Cindy McCain, wife of Republican senator and former Republican candidate for president in the 2008 election John McCain, has taken a public stance in support of same-sex marriage. Below she appears in a poster for NOH8, a group fighting the ban on gay marriage here in California. She and her daughter Meghan oppose Senator McCain’s…continue reading.

Last month in Canada, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, a Liberal Minister of Parliament, sent a letter to the Conservative Federal Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq, expressing concern about the sex toy industry and asking the government to take action in regulating sex toys. The letter, which you can read in its entirety here, read, in part:…continue reading.

Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage and adoption by same-sex couples on Monday by a vote of 39 to 20 in the legislative assembly. Five abstained from voting. In another motion, the assembly voted 31 to 24 in favor of legalizing adoption by same-sex couples, with nine abstentions. The revision will change the definition of marriage…continue reading.

The omnibus government spending bill that was signed into law two weeks ago did away with funding for abstinence-only sex ed programs. These programs have long been criticized for effectively denying young people important information regarding sex, available forms of contraception, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted illness. Several studies have suggested abstinence only programs are not…continue reading.

Prostitution has been legal in the less densely populated areas of Nevada (i.e., outside Clark County) for almost 40 years. But the law, which stipulated that all sex workers have their cervices tested regularly for sexually transmitted illnesses (STIs), naturally excluded men, who don’t have a cervix. So it was that prostitution was only legal…continue reading.