Headaches associated with sex are uncommon, but they exist — mostly in men. Preorgasmic headache may be related to brain lesions. Orgasmic headache is often severe and excruciating, whether due to aneurysm rupture or to the explosive component of benign coital headache. Post-orgasmic headache may occur as a manifestation of migraine.

We debunked the myth that semen stings when it gets in your eye and thought we were done with the strange jizz-focused insanity, but we were wrong. This is the story of a woman who swallowed semen and had to have her cheeks and gums removed because the sperm had burrowed into them. What happened? Dive in.

We’ve all heard what happens to athletes who don’t abstain from sex before the match: they lose. We don’t know how we know or when we first heard it, but we know it and somehow, it seems to make sense. Is it true? The media has been having a field day with this question, especially after digging up a review from the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine from 2000 (um, slow news day?). We can’t be sure they actually read it, given their conclusions.