Sex Tape

I saw some of the photos that Kendall Jenner posted for her 18th birthday blur past during a cursory glance of Instagram last night and my first thought was “oh, God, here comes the avalanche.” Sure enough, this morning, the celebrity gossip site TMZ is reporting that at least six adult companies have pinged this young member of the Kardashian clan with offers. Of course, Jenner isn’t the only one to get pinged by porn studios this year. Can you guess who? Bet Paula Deen isn’t the first person who comes to mind.

The idea that sexual content is only worth watching if doing so occurs without the consent of one or both people featured is disturbing. But that’s exactly what Alex Williams is yearning for in his New York Times piece as he rails against sex tapes created with the express purpose of being shared with the public. His comments are particularly insensitive in light of August reports of the execution of singer Hyon Song Wol, one-time girlfriend of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and 11 others, for filming themselves in a “pornographic” context.

Last week Funny or Die released Alyssa Milano’s purported sex tape. The “tape” shows Milano about to get it on but just as she positions the camera to film, her “partner” comes up behind her, grabs her, and the camera is kicked off position, focusing on a televised discussion on Syria instead. Milano’s statement is clear: people care more about celebrity gossip than what’s happening in the world, and the only way to reach them is to make sex the Trojan horse. But sex isn’t always just a Trojan horse.

“This is the best thing I can do for my ex-wife,” says sweetheart Spencer Pratt, soon-to-be ex-husband of Heidi Montag. He’s talking about selling a sex-tape featuring Montag. The tape, which he’s shopping for $5 million will show us Montag pre- and post-op, as well as some hotness between her and Playboy Playmate Karissa Shannon.

No one is immune to sex tapes! Not rockstars, actors, heiresses, politicians or spiritual leaders! Swami Nithyananda falls into the last category. According to his ashram, he’s “attending the Kumbh Mela” right now, which we’re pretty sure is the Indian version of skipping town. Why? Earlier this week a tape was released by the media…continue reading.

Judge Abraham Penn Jones ordered Andrew Young, the ex-aide of former Senator John Edwards, to turn over the sex tape on Friday. Young and his wife, Cheri, were at the Pittsboro, North Carolina court to contest a temporary restraining order forbidding them from disseminating the videotape. The judge found the Youngs in civil contempt of…continue reading.

Calm down, there is no tape to be shared yet (I know, this blog is turning into a catalog of all the sex tapes that don’t exist, including my own. Sigh). But bear with me because this one is juicy. So as you know former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards had an affair with Rielle…continue reading.

It’s been five days and we have still heard nothing on that story of a supposed Lindsay Lohan sex tape. Needless to say, we’re crushed. As some of you may know, our editor here at Sex and the 405 has a huge thing for redheads, and even though LiLo’s blonde at the moment, after her…continue reading.

It’s official: everyone has a sex tape except for me. Eighty-six-year-old Narain Dutt Tiwari was the proud governor of the Andhra Pradesh in India until last week when a television station aired a tape of him getting down with not one, but three young women. Tiwari denounced the tape on Friday, saying it is a…continue reading.

False alarm. Rumors that her flash-in-the-pan ex-hubby Ojani Noa is shopping a sex tape around are false. “They think I have a sex tape with her and that I’m trying to sell it,” Noa told E! News in an exclusive interview. “My tape is from our honeymoon, the wedding, us hanging out. There’s no nudity—maybe…continue reading.