They tried to call attention to the male-dominated tech world through humor and be inclusive? You don’t “call attention” to a male-dominated industry and foster inclusion by enforcing sexism. It’s only slightly better than the initial apology, but we are heartened by the swift and brutalizing reaction to the ad.

In a world where employers can easily find out everything about you, where insurance companies can decide to give or deny coverage because they see some status update as representing a liability, where a judge at family court can take away your children because — God forbid — you had a photo taken at Playboy West some Halloween… It’s not a matter of the web exposing you. It’s a matter of no longer having the ability to segregate different aspects of your life as we were once easily able to do and the concern is entirely valid.

Chec-Mate is an iPhone app that allows you to share your sexual health status with someone instantly. Created by STFree Certifications, this is the first app of its kind. STFree Certifications, launched in 2004, is responsible for the Safer Sex License, a personal smart card that allows potential partners to access your test results by phone.

Last night, we overheard someone at the bar talking about a “laser-guided teat finder.” We became irrationally excited by the strides in technology that enabled us to arrive at laser-guided nipple-finders. What it would be used for, we had no clue. Nor did we particularly care. We wanted pictures. So we jumped on our phones, eager to discover this obvious zenith of mammary-related innovation. This is what we found.

In their summary of favorites at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), TechCrunch includes a video of an interview with Suki Durham of OhMiBod. As a means of offering a preemptive apology, they write, “This shouldn’t be here. Sorry, everyone. Watch Jordan interview a dildo company. It’s kind of NSFW.” What the tech blog doesn’t tell…continue reading.

“Companies need to learn to treat customers as adults, and not restrict them out of fear of upsetting another group,” said Jen McEwen, co-founder of MiKandi. “That’s the approach we like to take with customers. We want to treat you as adults.”

You can try to take porn out of the technology, but you can’t take technological pioneers out of the porn industry. Somehow they will always find a way to get around you. The industry is used to barriers. They’ve been getting around them since the first dirty books were banned.

The Telegraph reports a number of erotic novels have disappeared from the top UK sellers list of iBooks. Think about that next time you buy one of their products, iSheep. If you think hype and “slick design” is worth your freedom, you don’t deserve that freedom.

The new iPhone is out! Lines at all Apple stores, like club openings for unfortunate-dressed people. Sadly, the device is apparently having some issues. A lot of users are reporting reception issues.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Apple banned Pulitzer-winning satirist Mark Fiore from its app store for ridiculing public figures (um, he’s a satirist, like, hello). Apple CEO Steve Jobs has since called the ban a mistake, but he’s not done ruining the fun for everyone. Last week, TechCrunch published an…continue reading.