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KinkOnTap is a weekly netcast that seeks to address sexuality, feminism and queer culture in a hearty and intelligent way, stripped of eroticization, sensationalism and self-aggrandizement. This week, host MayMay brought up our coverage of the Porn Cop fiasco over in Hollywood, Florida.

Oh, cool! We made it into the DateDaily, another site about sex and relationship news. This is what they had to say: “Sex and the 405 is your online newspaper with the latest headlines on sex and all the good (and atrocious) stuff that comes with. This is one sexy site, complete with all the…continue reading.

Our editrix was on This Week in Twitter, talking about tweeting while having sex, why she won’t do ChatRoulette (those services never provided her the legendary cybersex everyone else is having using them), harnessing Twitter to find people to date, the myth of transparency as an oversharer, how to hit on her (use Twitter), and…continue reading.

Oh, yeah! How could we forget to mention this? Sex and the 405 is in this Sunday’s Los Angeles Times! Image journo Whitney Friedlander got in touch with our editrix, who’s notorious for using Twitter to screen all potential lovers (her mating ritual involves grammar, punctuation and word sparring. We’ve seen her sext. She uses…continue reading.

We weren’t the only ones excited to see Zivity’s founder Cyan Banister take it all off on our site. VentureBeat reporter and tech-popcult commentator Paul Boutin jumped right on it. As a result, we got into VentureBeat riding on Cyan’s n00dz, and since VentureBeat is syndicated to the New York Times… Check that out, you…continue reading.

On Thursday night, your humble editrix attended the LA Weekly‘s L.A. Web Awards, a ceremony awarding the best Los Angeles-based sites in 36 categories. There was no sex blog category, so we didn’t expect to be party to more than the usual shenanigans–as shown in the photo on this post. (Yes, that is your humble…continue reading.

We’re in UrbanDaddy’s Los Angeles anti-resolutions roundup! In case you don’t know, this is the equivalent of being immortalized with the about-town crowd. The best part? We were labeled as a weapon of mass decreased productivity! That’s right, our sweet orchids of decadence and depravity, we will waste away your afternoons “like some cheap magazine,…continue reading.

Keep your friends close and the press closer, right? What happens when your friends happen to be press — or, more insidious still — run a gossip blog? And they just so happen to have scandalous photos of you? OMG, it’s our editor in lingerie. Not sure we wanted to see that. Thanks for the…continue reading.

“The heat is on in Southern California and we don’t mean the weather!” KTLA’s News Central’s Melissa McCarty took it from the studio to give Los Angeles the 411 on Sex and the 405. Our editrix had just flown in from somewhere and was just about to take off at the crack of dawn, but…continue reading.

Those guys at the LAist — let us tell you. They don’t miss anything. Sex and the 405 wasn’t even technically launched when they got wind of it and ran their piece “Foreplay or Death.” Next thing we know, bam, we’re getting slammed and we have something ridiculous, like 30 articles up. They do not…continue reading.