Yeo shot to the spotlight in 2007 after the White House reneged on a commissioned piece for George W. Bush, prompting the artist to go ahead with the piece in the form of a collage using pornographic images. The piece revolutionized the artist’s style and his Porn in the USA show showcases this growth.

Unlike most people who come into their craft later in life, the Los Angeles-based Robert Neil knew what he wanted to do the second he opened one of his father’s Penthouse magazines at the age of 13. “Seeing the beauty of these women touched my creative soul,” he told us.

Male genitals are out there, easy to gauge, and understand. But the female body is more mysterious. We can’t count the number of women we’ve encountered in our lives who have never really sat and explored their vulvae and vaginae.

“Erotic is the step between sensual and pornographic,” writes Marsha Burns, an artist at the exhibit. “What may be to some sensual to others is erotic, to others pornographic. Definitions are not something that interests me; the language to address a work of art must be learned.” She’s right.

My erotic art stems from a fascination with eroticism,” she told us over e-mail. “I recently discovered I can squirt, so getting to that point where I am aware of my sexuality and sexual self has led me to be more open artistically as well as sexually. Art and sex to me are very close. The feel of a paintbrush on your skin– it reminds me of the touch of a lover.

Sex and technology have always been bed buddies in one way or another. From vibrators to texting to teledildonics to SecondLife liaisons to porn as a pioneering industry in web, the connection between the two is undeniable. Arse Elektronika, a conference now in its third year, hit Hong Kong in April with an art exhibit…continue reading.

New York City’s Neue Galerie and Estée Lauder have come together to create a work of art you can wear: fire-engine red lipstick inspired by the painting Portrait of Dancer Anita Berber by Otto Dix. “Berlin Red” invites the mind back to the sensuality of the 1920’s Berlin and the “life without dilution,” as Dix…continue reading.

Some art for you to get you going after brunch, our decadent orchids of want and wantonness. Allow us to introduce you to Fernando Vicente, a brilliant Madrid-born illustrator, frequent contributor to the daily El Pais and a favorite of our editrix’s. From his Anatomias series: Pinup by Fernando Vicente Belleza Interior by Fernando Vicente…continue reading.

Our editor has the same argument with her mother every year about Valentine’s Day. It looks like this: AV: I want a man to give me presents for no reason, because he simply can’t resist being reminded of me whether he’s in the shower or strolling around town. HER: good luck with that. Men are…continue reading.