An Eyeful of Vulva

Jun 17, 2010 • Art, Culture

How many of us have heard (or, God forbid, uttered) the expression “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean”? The conversation about penis size never ceases skips a generation. Male genitals are out there, easy to gauge, and understand. But the female body is more mysterious. We can’t count the number of women we’ve encountered in our lives who have never really sat and explored their vulvae and vaginae.

Even if those of us who do, if we don’t have much experience exploring other female bodies, we can only assume they’re not all the same. There must be some differences — penises are not all the same, after all.

Just how different are they? Scarleteen offers illustrations by Betty Dodson that are incredible in the manner they showcase the wide array of vulvas. Behold:

Images from Scarleteen.

  • Dwayne o

    Wow. As a kind of expert, I can say that those are awful illustrations. At least, there’s not really a nice-looking one in the bunch. Seriously, this looks like either older women who have had kids or porn stars. Reminds me of every lousy cheap porno mag I ever looked at.

    Just an opinion. I found this unpleasant, and I love the vulva a LOT.

    • Anaiis

      Always someone ready to piss on the parade. What kind of expert are you, darling, a fucker?

  • Eddie

    simply put Dwayne you are an idiot! these pictures are actually very accurate

    that said never saw anything like the 1st picture or the last picture, but everything in between yes (pretty thankful for that too =)