Miriam Bellard and Andrejs Skuja, creators of the game Seduce Me, which focuses on high-brow interactive erotica, have been banned by Valve, owners of the Steam gaming platform. An hour after submitting their game, they received a stern form-letter response from Valve: “Your game must not contain offensive material or violate copyright or intellectual property rights.”

Playboy’s safe-for-work site, The Smoking Jacket has a list up of the seven hottest female characters in massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). Unfortunately, the only thing we could think about as we went over the characters collected by TSJ, was how shitty female armor in gaming continues to be.

That’s right, ladies! Drop them panties — it’s Duke Nukem. But wait, there’s more. He wants to read you a little story.

The romances in the game are not for “the straight male gamer”. They’re for everyone. We have a lot of fans, many of whom are neither straight nor male, and they deserve no less attention. You can write it off as “political correctness” if you wish, but the truth is that privilege always lies with the majority. They’re so used to being catered to that they see the lack of catering as an imbalance.

Whoever said gamers don’t get any action is obviously jealous. Gamers have been getting more consistent action than most other demographics for years now — so what if it’s not analog?

And because you can always trust Craigslist to bring you the best of the best when it comes to our innermost desires, I present to you The Power Glove Handjob: I can’t think of anything nerdier–but no nerds may apply! From GamerCrave: The Nintendo Power Glove, released in 1989, was an early Nintendo attempt at…continue reading.

There was a little AVN at CES this year when Ron Jeremy joined anti-pornography activist Craig Gross to discuss pornography in the age of the web. Jeremy described porn as entertainment. Gross countered it was “a cheap substitute for sex,” warning it had become a sex ed tool that taught children to have false expectations…continue reading.

Finally! A game that understands what it’s all about! Geeks everywhere rejoice. Well, no. Geeks in Asia and Europe have had Record of Agarest War for a one or two years already. Aksys Games, which is set to release the strategy, role-playing game here in North America recently announced that they were pushing back the…continue reading.