“On Being Sexual” — the name conferred on the gathering — will take a “contemplative and holistic approach to the study of sex and relationships,” exploring what our species knows about sex and how we know it. Among attendees will be people from the fields of sexology, psychology, sociology, public policy, medicine and neuroscience.

“That law is 100 percent against any performers’ consent,” Jiz Lee told the SF Weekly. “I have never met a single performer who’s in favor of it. I myself am somewhat indifferent, but I don’t like that it’s a mandate. My personal opinion is that it should always be the performers’ choice about how to be safest. I definitely think the decision was not made in the best interest of the performers.”

In an incisive piece on Salon, adult performer Lorelei Lee writes about her concerns with the condom ordinance that the city of Los Angeles recently passed. Like many in the adult industry, Lee questions the motivation of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which set into motion the events that would culminate in this ordinance. She takes AHF president Michael Weinstein to task, along with his vocal supporter, Pink Cross-founder Shelley Lubben.

It’s hard to say how much revenue the porn industry has lost to free porn tube sites. No matter what they do, they can’t seem to bring their sales back to levels before these sites made access to porn so easy. Tired of fighting, adult video production company Pink Visual is joining them.

Man, oh, man. We do not envy this guy. If we had to hit the road every time we felt like taking a load off, we’d never get anything done. At the same time, we can’t imagine any kink that’s more L.A. than driving around desperately seeking parking, before one can get off. “My thing is the freedom,” the pantless man told the Glendale police officer who pulled the dude over.

We’ve gotten word that AfterDark LA, the LA Weekly’s sex blog, is pivoting from its L.A. focus to a national one in order to appeal to a wider audience. This no doubt includes taking a step back from adult industry happenings to an extent, which is a damn shame since most other mainstream media properties online have a tendency to be unabashedly sex-negative. But don’t be sad, we have you covered. To satisfy all your civilian cravings about what’s happening in Porn Valley, we present Porn Valley Vantage, a great blog run by eminent pornologist Dr. Chauntelle, a visiting scholar at USC’s department of sociology and academic whose primary interest is in the expansion of women’s rights and opportunities in the adult film industry.

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The AIDS Healthcare Foundation wants porn stars to use condoms and they will not be persuaded that the industry knows better, and, after the support they received for their initiative, neither does the L.A. City Council. It was the overwhelming support that the condom measure received that prompted the City Council to vote on it, so certain were they that voters would approve it come June when it was put on the ballot. On Monday, L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa signed the initiative — called the City of Los Angeles Safer Sex in the Adult Industry Act — into law.

You hear the roar of the wind, the squeals of the street signs, the flapping of banners, the swooshing of trees and sirens of ambulances and firetrucks, and you see the leaves — so many little leaves — swirling red and white in the lights of cars coming and going, and you remember — this. This is why you’re here. The sudden weight of life and death on every choice. You’re alive. Yes, the dream is paramount, but you, the human, you’re still here. Why have you spent the past year in a car?

Face it, your career so far consists of whatever odd job you can find to support your dream. That’s no way to live. But don’t worry, we have your back! Playboy TV is casting couples for a show about seriously spicing things up in the bedrooms of couples around Los Angeles.