Somewhere out there, a journalist is crying. She probably suffered through years and years of media law, communications theory, belligerent editors, a seemingly endless series of obits, the most mind-numbingly boring local beats — all in the hopes that she’d get a column one day. Has she a column? Nah, but our favorite porn doll just landed one.

Not to be alarmist, but the face of porn may be about to change forever. Four Los Angeles council members are backing a motion that ultimately seeks the denial of permits to any porn company that doesn’t practice safe sex. Permits, if the motion succeeds, will contain safety requirements for “shields” to prevent “contact with potentially infectious material,” i.e., condoms, dental dams, face shields, goggles, etc.

Things have been heated between the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM) and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) since 24-year-old porn performer Derrick Burts tested positive for HIV in October. Among questions of whether monthly tests are sufficient to protect performers, AIM faces claims that it did not respond to the positive result in a timely fashion and that it denied Burts appropriate services.

Despite the recent HIV-positive test result that brought Porn Valley to a halt, Los Angeles has no plans to cease issuing permits to adult entertainment production companies for filming.

Devon Savage isn’t just in porn, he also enjoys being on the other side of the camera lens. He’s been in the business for six years, and now runs several of his own sites with his partner Ariella, herself an adult star. We asked him to give us some background and share some eye candy with us.

Unlike most people who come into their craft later in life, the Los Angeles-based Robert Neil knew what he wanted to do the second he opened one of his father’s Penthouse magazines at the age of 13. “Seeing the beauty of these women touched my creative soul,” he told us.

The Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills is home to many a business meeting, high tea and illicit liaison (or all three–at once). Very versatile place–we wholeheartedly approve. But wait, it gets better. Guess what they’re up to now? Gift wrapping. This is Los Angeles for you, kids–shop until you drop, then drop off the stuff at…continue reading.

If this date is hotter than the first, you’ll seal the deal. You’re racking your brain. You know she comes from Michigan. She has a brother. She loves dogs. She works as a paralegal. She hates sports. She’s not a fan of Mexican. She does yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Oh, and she’s obsessed with…continue reading.