The Savage Girls

Aug 03, 2010 • Art, Culture, Local, Porn Valley

Devon Savage isn’t just in porn, he also enjoys being on the other side of the camera lens. He’s been in the business for six years, and now runs several of his own sites with his partner Ariella, herself an adult star. We asked him to give us some background and share some eye candy with us.

Savage Girls

“I was just kinda a hack at it, never thinking it would one day lead to running three websites and doing it for a living,” Savage told us laughing when we asked about how he got started. “I got into the porn business as talent and one thing led to another.”

He started with POV (point of view) for women in the skin biz, then moved to solo girl sets, shooting female masturbation videos and stills, then eventually moved into sex.

“After getting into the fetish world I actually prefer it to regular porn,” he confessed. “Regular porn shoots are so rehearsed, they get real boring. Same five positions, same pop shot, same bad sets, blah blah blah. Bondage and fetish photography is always new and exciting.”
“Now shooting every other day with new models and locations, I plan on filling my sites with tons of hardcore erotic photos and videos — POV bondage, latex, etc.,” he told us. “I look forward to many more years of shooting the unknown.”