Hot Date Locations, Hollywood-Style

Dec 03, 2009 • Local, Places


If this date is hotter than the first, you’ll seal the deal. You’re racking your brain. You know she comes from Michigan. She has a brother. She loves dogs. She works as a paralegal. She hates sports. She’s not a fan of Mexican. She does yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Oh, and she’s obsessed with David Lynch–but it’s cute, not creepy.

Where to take her?

OK, dude, put Yelp down. Any guy can take her out to dinner in a fancy place. That’s sufficiently commonplace in this city to be completely without merit. You have to think out of the box. You have to give her something new.

Remember that scene in Mulholland Dr. where Rita is wandering Hollywood? How about that? Pretty gritty–and that’s why we like it. And you don’t even have to Netflix the movie to figure it out, either. That’s what Filmaps is for! Search for any movie of your choice and get a list of locations, complete with images!

You’ll not only come off as Hollywood savvy, she’ll also dig that you’re actually paying attention. Even if you had to scope out her Facebook profile to refresh your memory about that movie she went on and on about all the tapas long on date one.