Kristina Rose Gets A Column

Dec 14, 2010 • Culture, Local, Porn Valley, web

Kristina Rose gets a column

Somewhere out there, a journalist is crying. She probably suffered through years and years of media law, communications theory, belligerent editors, a seemingly endless series of obits, the most mind-numbingly boring local beats — all in the hopes that she’d get a column one day. Has she a column? Nah, but our favorite porn doll Kristina Rose just landed one for XCritic. Funny how that goes.

“It makes me laugh a little because my grammar is horrible and I usually speak in a slag only I understand,” Rose writes in her premiere piece. “I still don’t know what exactly I plan to write about on here but they said I can write about whatever I want… I don’t think they know what they’re getting into but I’m gunna [sic] run with it.”

Having had our own stint in journo school and lived through a fair share editors ourselves, we think Kristina Rose may be on to something. Imagine — instead of incurring a ton of student debt, you are making twice that, and getting that column a lot quicker. If only they’d been honest with us on career day.