The predominant message that is promoted by the media is that orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. It is seen as the goal of sex and the marker by which people often judge their own ability to please their partners. But this is not necessarily so.

Since when is it common practice for a professor to dissuade people from pursuing information? Yes, semen relates to sex. So? Does that make it less worthy than, say, blood? Has our understanding of blood or urine not done much to expand the field of medicine?

Dominance isn’t tying someone up, it’s taking over their body, enveloping their thoughts, their emotions, and their orgasms into a container of control. It’s pacing intimate interactions to the point of break for the submissive.

First of all, quit calling it a vagina. It’s a freaking vulva. If you’re going to obsess about your body parts, then at least have the decency to get the name right. Secondly, leave your vulva alone before it falls off. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous.

In a study of the country’s most stressful cities, Forbes has found Los Angeles ranks second — right after Las Vegas. Why? Los Angeles has among the lowest scores for the well-being of its residents — 22.8% of Angelenos reported that our health was less than good.

In LA, no one cares about the name on your purse quite like the name of your yoga instructor, or Pilates instructor, or your Yogalates instructor. In New York, it’s whose party you’re invited to and who you’re wearing. In LA, it’s whose vacation home you stayed in and who rejuvenates your vagina.

In order to engage with the erotic, the particulars must be either experienced or, at the very least, thoroughly imagined. The visceral experience of an erotic moment is dependent on the participation of both the erotic as an intangible desire and the erotic as a specifically embodied phenomenon.

In Greek mythology, Eros is a primordial god of sexual love, beauty, and fertility distilled from the chaos that created our universe. Although contemporary conceptions of eros focus on harmony and unity, in classical Greek culture eros was thought of as an agent of madness as well as a creative influence: it overwhelms and seemingly…continue reading.

I really hate booty-calls that end without a sleepover. It usually ends with him in the shower, and me driving home with my legs still shaking as I furiously try to get a good grasp of the wheel. My phone vibrates between my legs, another ping. Probably from him. I break the law and ping…continue reading.

I love blowjobs. I’m male, so that pretty much goes without saying. But I really love blowjobs. Epic blowjobs. Intense, full depth, sloppy, slobbering, gagging, tearing, face-fucking, extended eye-contact, fully consuming blowjobs. The kind that cause you to take pause when you see or experience one unexpectedly. Again, that probably isn’t much of a revelatory…continue reading.