The one-handed bra-unhooking move — it’s a classic. We’ll probably never admit it to a man’s face, but when he reaches back there and unclasps our bras like it’s no big thing, we immediately endow him with epic brownie points. As to the ones who try and fail… we’d never admit this to their faces, either, but that’s nearly grounds for dismissal. What to do if you haven’t mastered this move?

Cattle are better tended on the way to the slaughterhouse than we are at airports at the hands of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). In a subversive act of revenge, a Colorado man has designed a line of undergarments for men and women made of weapons-grade tungsten lining to prevent the prying eyes of agents from feasting on our privates while in the x-ray.

OK, you’re starting to see a pattern here. What can we say — we love restraint! Ilya Fleet’s cuffs from Coco de Mer are exquisite. The silver leather cuffs can be attached together or worn without restraint as a fashion accessory. At $230, these are perfect for the lover who’s not too keen on gold.…continue reading.

Past the understated gate, you find yourself in a large, lush garden. Walk past the fountain, into a dimly lit house, a mixture of modern lines and decadent sensuality. You’re at Kiki de Montparnasse on Melrose, a store devoted to the fulfillment of our passions, named after Man Ray’s long-time lover, darling of the 1920s…continue reading.