Must Haves: Cuff Me Tender

Feb 11, 2010 • Gear

OK, you’re starting to see a pattern here. What can we say — we love restraint!

Ilya Fleet’s cuffs from Coco de Mer are exquisite. The silver leather cuffs can be attached together or worn without restraint as a fashion accessory.

At $230, these are perfect for the lover who’s not too keen on gold.

And if that’s not your thing, give the rest of the store a browse — they’ve got scents, lubes, candles, books (Pablo Neruda!), kinky housewear (we’re not kidding), and gift cards.

What more could you expect from a company that has the motto: “Savor life and drink it to the full”?

That’s Coco de Mer, conveniently located at 8618 Melrose Avenue here in Los Angeles.

A little background on the sex shop:

When explorers of the past moored on the distant shores of the Seychelles, they believed they had fallen upon the Forbidden Fruit in the biblical Garden of Eden. Scattered on the tropical beaches were palm seeds that unmistakably mirrored the front and bottom area of the female pelvis, thus reminding them of what they were missing at home.

They had chanced upon the coco de mer seed, the seed of the sea, a quite extraordinary palm seed only found on two islands in the Seychelles. It is the largest seed in the world, weighing up to 40 pounds! The coco de mer is rare, precious and protected, and a perfect representation of the beautiful sculpture that is the female form.

That is why the coco de mer seed is our source of inspiration. By choosing this strange seed of the sea as our symbol, we join in natures celebration of all that is erotic, sensual and beautiful.

The coco de mer germinates from both a male and female plant. Whereas the seed so closely resembles the female form, the male plant has a stamen, which looks strangely like a penis. A huge penis at that, and one that smells of sticky sweet honey. At Coco de Mer we celebrate both genders and believe that between two consenting adults there should be no barriers to love.

Our editrix is crazy about this ostrich whip.

Please don’t get it for her. She might use it to enforce deadlines.

Tip from Ironed Orchid.

  • Robert

    Anyone else think this is a great way to complete a Wonder Woman costume?