Despite the well-known adage that sex sells, anyone with something really sexy to sell knows how difficult marketing can get. Durex, however, seems to have found a medium for creating buzz with its house parties — events held at people’s homes for which the company supplies items for people to check out and take home to try. Think Tupperware parties… but a million times better.

We find it humorous that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have no regard for the human animal — so what if we all develop massive body image issues, at least the animals are safe!

Woman’s Day October 1st issue features an advertorial for Summer’s Eve, a company that makes personal care products for women, which suggests that the best way to get a raise is to make sure one’s vagina is squeaky clean. Yikes.

Earlier this month, the site, which connects older women with younger men, got a bit of a nasty shock from Google. The search engine giant, which was receiving $100,000 a month from CougarLife to manage its advertising and place it on content pages, told CougarLife that its ads, which had been appearing since October, would no longer be accepted. The reason? Cougar sites are not “family safe.”

Not to fall behind Kotex in embracing open discussion of menstruation, Tampax has apparently launched MenstrualTweets, an aggregator collecting the Twittersphere’s 140-character missives about — you guessed it: cramps, PMS, tampons, cycles, and periods. As with most aggregators, we’re seeing a variety of … interesting things. No word from Tampax of yet as to this…continue reading.

Kotex has decided to tackle ridiculous advertising for tampons with a brilliant campaign called U by Kotex. This campaign is the first step for Kotex in addressing how we talk about menstruation and vaginal health as a society. “Society has created shame and embarrassment around periods and vaginal health, which restricts honest dialogue and information…continue reading.

Advertising commentators are all about this Durex ad campaign by the German designer Andrej Krahne, but we here at Sex and the 405 have a question: why is the woman made up of shiny happy words while the man is made of neutral or negative ones? We hate to get all Jezebel on this, but…continue reading.

Most of the time, our editrix shuns the “go green” movement as a tool of evil to guilt us out of private jets and into commercial aircraft that treat us like cattle. Every once in a while, though, a company will harness our fear of destroying the planet into a clever marketing campaign. MeetLocals hit…continue reading.

We here at Sex and the 405 are mildly amused and also a little bit sad. At once. How uncomfortable. Below is the Dodge Charger Superbowl ad. Below that is “the female version” response. The spoof response: We have a choice, you know. We don’t have to do any of these things. We know, we…continue reading.

A question we’re sure a lot of people wish they could ask on a first date, but tend not to. As with anything that might be important to you, we here at Sex and the 405 think you should certainly ask. Don’t let them kid you, sexual compatibility is important in a relationship: We are…continue reading.