Analyze This

Instead of a briefcase indicator like we had in the 90s (clever, but not sexy enough), we have the Lingerie Index. The theory goes like this: if the economy is suffering, the first thing to go is the self-spoiling. If we start to do better, we’ll immediately splurge on ourselves.

The question of all questions. And one that has troubled many a philosopher, as well. Most recently, Aaron Ben-Zeév, president and professor of philosophy at the University of Haifa and author of In the Name of Love: Romantic Ideology and its Victims wrote a thought-provoking essay on the duality of the imaginary and the real.…continue reading.

An oldie but goodie because I’m feeling a little cranky up here in my ivory tower and misery loves company: Dr. Robert Holden is the author of Success Intelligence and a firm believer that a high intelligence quotient spells doom in relationships. In a piece at the Daily Mail, he explains: IQ is all to…continue reading.