You all know NSFW — Not Safe For Work. Or, at least you should, seeing how often we use it. Well, here’s something really clever: t-shirts for the naughty, clever, funemployed or just plain ol’ unemployed!

Lingerie design can get pretty creative, but this piece from Syria takes the cake as far as Sex and the 405 is concerned. Introducing the Phone Crotch — a mobile for your thong.

We’ve all heard of push-up bras, but how about a little lift in the trunk? That’s what the Biniki ButtBra is all about. (We wish this were an April Fool’s joke. It isn’t.) According to CrazySexStuff, California psychologist Dr. Karin Hart came up with the idea after she lost a lot of weight and her…continue reading.

New York City’s Neue Galerie and Estée Lauder have come together to create a work of art you can wear: fire-engine red lipstick inspired by the painting Portrait of Dancer Anita Berber by Otto Dix. “Berlin Red” invites the mind back to the sensuality of the 1920’s Berlin and the “life without dilution,” as Dix…continue reading.

Last year, on November 16th, the day after our fearless editrix’s birthday (and quite possibly the best day of all time), Dolce & Gabbana released their new Time ad. The ad featured 2009’s ultimate sex obsession, the ménage-a-trois (you can all thank Sean Percival and Gossip Girl for that). We should have reported on it,…continue reading.

We had some sexy ladies earlier this morning through the link on our interview with CelebrityFantasies, so we thought to include a little bit of noms for us lovers of men. Behold the beautiful creatures that are Adam Senn, Sam Webb, Noah Mills and David Gandy! Behold the thankless, horrific task that is method acting…continue reading.

Milan-based footwear designer ainsley-t has taken a literal approach to “fuck me shoes.” At first glance, these shoes look like many heel-ornamented pairs we’ve seen on the runway in previous seasons. But closer inspection reveals something spectacular: the heels are butt plugs. Take a look: “Shoes are the only items of bondage gear that absolutely…continue reading.