Fuck Me Shoes Like You’ve Never Seen Them

Jan 15, 2010 • Culture, Fashion

Milan-based footwear designer ainsley-t has taken a literal approach to “fuck me shoes.” At first glance, these shoes look like many heel-ornamented pairs we’ve seen on the runway in previous seasons. But closer inspection reveals something spectacular: the heels are butt plugs.

Take a look:

“Shoes are the only items of bondage gear that absolutely everyone possesses,” says Stuart Thom, ainsley-t’s founder, “The world is already full of so-called sexy shoes. It does not need yet another black patent leather high-heeled court. Innovation between the intersection of footwear and desire has to do something more than this, and there is space for a radical creative initiative, to make gorgeously strange footwear for a sophisticated audience.”

Hell. Yes.

Images and information via Skin Too.

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  • quidam08

    hey yo, that caught me off guard. so i’m guessing you gotta sanitize after walking in them before putting them to their second use? seems inefficient.

  • dj

    This takes getting a foot up your ass to new extremes.

    • Anaiis

      Isn’t it FABULOUS? LOL

  • Mike Martlet


    My first impression was that they were Dildo Heels! and I quite liked them and thought them highly erotic. The idea of the butt-plug never occurred to me. I saw them being used by one chick to fuck another by insertion in the normal receptacle for phallic objects, – the vagina not the arse!

    The idea of it entering the shit-hole and getting its beautiful sexy heel covered in shit rather spoils it for me.

    Incidentally, they are not the first to have phallic heels, Fluevog did it 10 years ago and still has them as the “Body Parts” shoe and boot; I bought my wife a pair for her birthday last month.

    Mike Martlet.

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