It’s hard to believe how many places there are now for people interested in BDSM. I remember my parents finding a copy of Skin Two when I was young and shipping me off to a psychologist. It wasn’t easy being kinky then — but now everyone is reading and recommending bondage erotica and there are even kinky bed and breakfasts and vacation destinations! Here’s a quick roundup of these places, and resources for travel with desire as a destination.

Last Tuesday, Haluk Murat Demirel opened what he believes is the first Muslim sex toy shop online. The concept of sex shops for the faithful isn’t new, however. In 2012, Poland saw the first Roman Catholic sex shop. The previous year, Orthodox Jews welcomed the first kosher sex shop. And Christian sex shops have been a thing even longer. Come explore how the faithful spice things up within the boundaries of their beliefs.

In Korea doctors at Aone Plastic Surgery don’t just want to neutralize the frown, they want to create a permanent illusion of a smile. According to the Atlantic, Aone recently patented a new procedure that deviates from the traditional heart-shaped (or “Valentine”) incision, and creates more upturned corners. They’re calling this $2,000 procedure a Smile Lipt — “lipt” being an awkward portmanteau of lip and lift.

You know how awesome it is to go to bed with someone, cozy under the covers in a post-coital haze, the only sound in the room the hum of the air-conditioner turned full-blast… until your arm falls asleep? Well, no more. Mehdi Mojtabavi’s Cuddle Mattress, created of a series of modules, is built to give every body the nooks and crannies it needs to stash your wayward limbs.

The little symbols known as emoji have now been around for almost 20 years, but they didn’t really get popular in the U.S. until apps brought them to the smartphones of the nation. When Apple made them accessible without an app on iOS5, this method of self-expression really started to take off. Of course, as with any adoption of a new language, translation errors tend to occur. Nowhere is this more obvious than in relationships, which suffer most when communication styles don’t match or when messages are not properly relayed.

I’ve encountered in most singles a commitment to neat, welcoming spaces, whether they use these to host potential lovers or maintain their homes as a private sanctuary where only their dearest and nearest can enter, but you really wouldn’t think so, based on the way most house-keeping and cleaning products market their products. Well, guess what? Just because someone loves sex doesn’t mean she doesn’t vacuum and just because Martha Stewart keeps a perfect house doesn’t mean she doesn’t sext or have one-night stands. And we have evidence.

“Adam and Eve” conjures all manner of Judeo-Christian imagery, none of which particularly arousing — with the exception, perhaps, of the idea of the apple as a metaphor for sex. It’s somewhat surprising, then, that Adam & Eve should be one of the largest names in porn and sex toys. The story begins in 1971 when Phil Harvey sent out the company’s first condom mail-order catalog, taking a stand against restrictive Comstock laws that preventing the sale of condoms over the mail. What followed next would be a defining moment for the U.S. Come with us.

It’s incredible how difficult it is to create a visual representation of wedding concepts that don’t abide by the cultural cookie-cutter of what a wedding should look like. And has no one ever created a xenomorph wedding cake — really? I’m sufficiently disappointed that I will seriously consider getting married again some day just to fix that.

Mixed martial artist Michael Waylon Lowe is suing the sex aids company Kama Sutra after a night of pleasure went horribly wrong. The complaint involves Kama Sutra’s Prolonging Gel Pleasure Balm, the use of which has — according to the lawsuit — resulted in penile scarring, loss of sensation and function, and nerve and tissue damage.

The internet went into an uproar last week over reports of a man who’d been stung to death after attempting to “have sex with a hornets nest.” The story, which claimed that a man from the town of Ystad, Sweden, had died after receiving 146 hornet stings, including 54 to his genitals, turned out to be a hoax. But the use of insects for sexual purposes is no hoax. This post explores everything from penis enlargement to insect-related paraphiliae.