Love to Cuddle? This Mattress Is for You

Aug 29, 2013 • Gear, Lifestyle

the cuddle mattress

In 2007, industrial designer Mehdi Mojtabavi won a Red Dot award for the concept design of a mattress that would facilitate cuddling. You know how awesome it is to go to bed with someone, cozy under the covers in a post-coital haze, the only sound in the room the hum of the air-conditioner turned full-blast… until your arm falls asleep? Well, no more. Mojtabavi’s Cuddle Mattress, created of a series of modules, is built to give every body the nooks and crannies it needs to stash your wayward limbs.

The mattress, of course, comes with special sheets that enable the cuddling without exposing you to the risk of growing something between the modules. Sadly, Salon reports that Mojtabavi failed to raise $75,000 during a crowd-sourced fundraising round on Indiegogo to bring the idea to production, so he’s looking for investors to bring his idea to market.

The culture blog Jezebel was quick to dismiss it, telling to quit whining about sleeping on their arms and generally just worrying about the stuff that might get lost between the “fetid jizz-canyons.” That point isn’t relevant to this bit of design genius in the least, but I had to mention it because I love the idea of jizz canyons.

One woman’s nightmare, another woman’s dream, etc.