For decades, governments and groups have worked to inform the public about sexually transmitted infection, often resorting to terrifying imagery. The ads might have brought people’s vulnerability into the forefront of their minds, but they dehumanized and reinforced stigma against people living with sexually transmitted infections. When New York photographer Andrea Brough decided to do a photo series narrating the story of a couple grappling with a positive test result, she wasn’t thinking about the history of sexual health ads. She only knew one thing: she didn’t want to be preachy.

The Adult Trading Card Company (who last year brought you the rather lolsy porn-meets-Dungeons and Dragons-sorta-kinda moment with their Fantasy Series cards) is upping the ante this coming year with a coffee table book called Naked In Nature showcasing the day’s hottest porn stars, posed naked in the wild. It’s like Earth Porn, only with naked porn stars lounging in the beauty of the natural world!

Like most content destinations, The Cut is occasionally forced to employ stock photography in their articles. And like most editors at content destinations forced to sit at a desk trying to find images using stock photography sites filled with the sort of photos we haven’t seen since the days of bad corporate brochures, the editors at the Cut went a little mad and decided to collect all the insane results they got for variations on feminist themes during their searches.

Initially, MotoCorsa had hired model Kylie Shea Lewallen to do one of those typical “sexy girl on a bike” shoots on top of the spanking new Ducati 1199 Panigale. Then the shop manager had a better idea: “We should totally do the same poses with the guys in the shop.” The response to the series has been mixed, and provides insight into our rigid cultural standards of who is allowed to be desirable. This is something photographer Hana Pesut understands, and the reason she has invested so much time on a series called “Switcheroo.”

The end of the year looms and with it, a selection of calendars made out of dead trees. I never thought I would find a use for them with the great offerings from Apple and Google, among others, to keep my life in order, but I’ve found a certain comfort looking at a paper offering that only contains things relevant to a certain, private, aspect of my life. As a result, I’m always on the lookout for interesting offerings — and 2014 is proving to be a pretty interesting year.

On Friday, we told you about Boobquake, a movement to stir the tectonic plates with the power of our scandalous bodies. This Monday, we’re active, spreading our promiscuity in lingerie all over the newsroom and neighborhood Starbucks. But since most of you won’t get to enjoy that, here’s our editrix, let her quake your world:…continue reading.

Ah, Facebook. You’re like that girl we date that makes us crazy but we just can’t leave her. We cheat with Twitter and a handful of other social networks, thinking we might just do it, we might just jump ship, but we never do and we know, somewhere deep inside, that we never will. Even…continue reading.

“Human beings are presented here in all their pathetic splendour, tragic vulnerability and endearing humanity, as a familiar being silenced on his doubts and rarities, alienated and absent-minded,” says Spanish photographer Sandra Torralba of the subjects of her Estranged Sex series. “We observe it doubting in its quotidian spaces whereby he reflects back to us…continue reading.

Talk about a story that just won’t die: John Edwrad’s mistress and baby momma Rielle Hunter is in GQ. The interview shows Hunter’s take on everything we’ve already heard a million times. But that’s not the best part. The best part is the slideshow: Oh, my. We’re all about the MILF here at Sex and…continue reading.

The Streets Are Calling is without a doubt, a favorite when it comes to local picture blogs. This morning, photog @rathandsome was supposed to get up at the crack to take some shots of a private bondage thing in North Hollywood, but he overslept. Behold the treasures from the back lots. Click on the images…continue reading.