Rielle Hunter Gets Scandalous With Dora The Explorer and Barney

Talk about a story that just won’t die: John Edwrad’s mistress and baby momma Rielle Hunter is in GQ.

The interview shows Hunter’s take on everything we’ve already heard a million times. But that’s not the best part. The best part is the slideshow:

Oh, my. We’re all about the MILF here at Sex and the 405 but posing half-dressed among your kid’s toys is just a little too… ew. That’s Barney half on your lap, you know?

To make matters worse, according to Barbara Walters, Hunter called her hysterically to let her know how disgusted she was about the GQ photos Mark Seliger took of her for the men’s magazine — like she was somehow not a part of the shoot or had any say in the matter.

We’ll say to her now what we said to “Johnny” then: you did it, now own it!

Image from GQ. Tip via @morraam.

  • http://taminginsanity.blogspot.com KLZ

    Ugh. I hate that she acts like the men in her life have all the power. A man who you know will be running your photo in a national magazine asks you take off your pants and you say “Ok!” He asks you to crawl onto your child’s bed and pose with her toys and you say “Great!” Then you have the audacity to act up set and say you “screamed for two hours” when you saw them. Own up, take some power in your life and stop acting like a damned victim. Your daughter deserves better.

    • Anaiis

      We completely agree with you!