Last month in Canada, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, a Liberal Minister of Parliament, sent a letter to the Conservative Federal Minister of Health, Leona Aglukkaq, expressing concern about the sex toy industry and asking the government to take action in regulating sex toys. The letter, which you can read in its entirety here, read, in part:…continue reading.

Those earth-loving peeps, they’re all over the place fighting to make sure we don’t screw up ourselves or this fine planet completely. Having made strides in green living from noms to cars and light bulbs, they’re now moving into the bedroom. Here is the latest in healthy alternatives for your loving pleasure: TOYS A surprising…continue reading.

So get this: the RealTouch has a haptic encoder, you just plug the USB into your computer, log into your account at and select from hundreds of scenes specifically coded to transmit the movements and sensations of your favorite porn stars’ goods to your dick. It’s not just squeezing though: it’s heat, wetness, friction and intensity. The ass will be tighter and hotter than the vagina. The hands will feel different than the action between the tits. Some girls are wetter than others — you name it, those boys in North Carolina have thought of it and coded appropriately.

What’s better than giving or getting a good flogging, my earth-conscious poppies of pain and decadence? Giving or getting a good flogging and recycling at the same time! Earth Erotics, a green-conscious sex toy company, produces a recycled rubber whip. It’s “a spanking to feel good about.” I’m partial to leather–sorry, PETA–but this level of…continue reading.