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Astrobiologist David Warmflash doesn’t go into detail about what it’s like to grapple with Newton’s third law of motion during space sex, but fortunately for all of us curious and hopeful space sex tourists, we have the experience of Michael Behar, who took on this question in 2006 with his wife, Ashley. Writing for Outside, Behar details how a fascination with sex in space led him to Zero Gravity Corporation, which uses a modified Boeing 727 to create some 20 thirty-second periods of weightlessness.

I used to keep spreadsheets on all my lovers, obsessively inputting data into them. I made graphs. I made graphs out of my relationships. Spreadsheets full of lovers — that’s me. It might sound awesome to data nerds, but mostly it was neurotic and laughably juvenile, an attempt to feel I had control over the one thing that scared me: emotion. But my experience worries me about aspects of the quantified self movement.

For the past four years, the dating site has been conducting a survey to keep its hand on the pulse of the American single. In 2013, they teamed up with ResearchNow to get the skinny from 5,329 singles. Everyone’s reported on this already, but they all seemed obsessed with how people apparently all want to fuck at 10 o’clock at night and how Android users seem to have more sex. These are probably the least interesting things about this survey. Let me show you the rest.

Saying that the 2009 AIDS-denialist film House of Numbers is bunk is nothing new. What is new, however, is that YouTuber Myles Power knows how to make a video that people want to watch and share. To date, his five debunking videos have reached 40,529 people — not just readers of the New York Times or subscribers to the Lancet or people seeking information about AIDS specifically, but laypeople of all stripes. That has power. And that’s why he must be silenced.

I always rag on Facebook for chasing Google’s taillights. Indeed, when the competing social network launched almost three years ago, Google+ had three options already in place: male, female and other. But including “other” among gender options is only a vague acknowledgement, a baby step at best. What Facebook did today when it added some 56 gender options is take a bold leap forward.

My mother had arrived at the cathedral altar wearing white, the traditional symbol of purity, and not been struck down by an angry deity. But she was very aware, too, that punishment for failing to comply with cultural norms wasn’t necessarily meted out by a furious god, but rather by people. As a result, while I didn’t get the message that I had to be a virgin until marriage, I did get the message that it was important not to give people reason to believe I wasn’t.

The fashion portal nss has a fun little quiz site called “Fashion or Porn,” where you’ll be served small sections of a larger image and asked to determine whether it’s a fashion ad or a porn still. I watch a lot of porn and I was surprised I couldn’t get even 20 out of 40 right on this thing. nss has effortlessly made a point that people have been trying to make for years: that fashion advertising sexualizes models as much as porn does.

It’s hard to believe how many places there are now for people interested in BDSM. I remember my parents finding a copy of Skin Two when I was young and shipping me off to a psychologist. It wasn’t easy being kinky then — but now everyone is reading and recommending bondage erotica and there are even kinky bed and breakfasts and vacation destinations! Here’s a quick roundup of these places, and resources for travel with desire as a destination.

The United Nations called on the Vatican today to immediately remove all clergy known or suspected of child abuse, and turn them over to their respective local authorities. Their Committee on the Rights of the Child accused the Catholic Church of forcing victims into silence, preventing clerics from reporting crimes and moving abusers around in efforts to cover up their crimes. They’re also demanding that the Holy See make their archives documenting the abuse available.

Sex sells, goes the saying, but that isn’t applicable to unabashed sex destinations; unless they’re caught in some kind of legal issue, news outlets are not likely to report on porn sites. But Pornhub’s very clever — they’ve taken a page from the dating site OKCupid, and are running a blog that looks at the trends in people’s porn browsing habits. This Super Bowl Sunday, their insights team sat down to work. What they found was obvious but absolutely fascinating just the same.