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Cindy Meston and David Buss, two researchers at the University of Texas wanted to get to the bottom of it: why do women have sex? They conducted an online survey of more than 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 87 to find–surprise, surprise–that women aren’t all that different from men. The number one…continue reading.

We were shocked when news came out that night talk show host David Letterman had become entangled in an ugly mess of indiscretions. For those of you who missed it, Joe Halderman, a journalist and producer of the show 48 Hours left him a package of incriminating evidence and a threat that unless Letterman gave…continue reading.

“What is that?” men ask, horrified. It’s a rather demure-looking book, featuring flan on its cover against a warm background. Natural Harvest, it reads. And to many living in Los Angeles and obsessed with things like “organic,” “free-range” and “all natural” anything and everything, this is a fine concept. Until you read the subheading: “A collection of semen-based recipes.”

“Where’s the restaurant?” he asks quietly, walking past a small group of people at the lobby. “We’re not here to eat,” I respond, walking briskly past the small area and to the steps. He follows, several feet behind me. I assess the space at the top and move toward a chaise in a darker corner.…continue reading.

With all the tweeting, social sharing and oversharing, many are starting to wonder if the information generation hasn’t turned into the chronicler generation. Funny guy and radio host Steve Dahl is worried about it. In his column last week, he ruminated about our current penchant for sex tapes: Has the memory card replaced actual memory?…continue reading.

Well, it looks like the oversharing is paying off. A team of applied mathematicians at the University of Vermont analyzed 2.4 million blogs and other web overshares, counting the positive versus negative words as they appeared on individual days of the week. Turns out Tuesdays is when we have the least sex. The good news?…continue reading.

Every time we blog, we take a risk. Oversharing is risky and largely indecorous by societal standards, not to mention that it leaves you vulnerable to anyone who cares to cast a stone as they walk by, but what is art if not an expression of self, and what is an expression of self, if not risk? If for every 20 stones cast, someone silenced can feel they’ve been given a voice or know they’re not alone, throw those stones.

Findings are piling in — 87 percent of users take their gadgets into the bedroom, six out of 10 Americans use their gadgets in bed, and more than a third of respondents would choose their personal digital assistants over their partners if they were forced to make that choice. In the battle between hard drives and sex drives, hard drives are winning.

One in three women have cheated on their husbands, concludes the the “Sex and the American Mom” survey of 30,000 stay-at-home moms. Speaking with Details magazine, an expert explained that women feel an “unrelenting need for romance and excitement” that isn’t met during the hour you vegetate next to one another watching television at day’s end.