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Those guys at the LAist — let us tell you. They don’t miss anything. Sex and the 405 wasn’t even technically launched when they got wind of it and ran their piece “Foreplay or Death.” Next thing we know, bam, we’re getting slammed and we have something ridiculous, like 30 articles up. They do not…continue reading.

Kate Hudson, who’s been having a blast around town with A-Rod, has men all figured out. Sex and sandwiches. That’s what it comes down to. Sex and sandwiches. I’m having flashbacks to my marriage–which are not bad, by the way. I make some killer sandwiches. Still–that statement is offensive in its simplicity. I mean, how…continue reading.

I know, I know. Porn is all about the fantasy. You hate me for bringing reality into it. But I can’t help it. I live in Los Angeles and we had a pretty scary freak out in June when a performer was diagnosed with HIV. We all think that the porn industry is safe–it has…continue reading.

Imagine your in-laws getting a sex tape you made with the Playboy model you were banging before you met their daughter. All shades of mortifying, right? That’s what OK! Magazine is saying happened to Colin Farrell. A few years ago, Farrell won a court injunction against the sale, distribution and display of the sex tape,…continue reading.

The National Infertility Association and EMD Serono, a pharmaceutical company, joined to sponsor In The Know, a short-film competition about couples dealing with infertility. The winning films are touching–there are Kristin and Wally Acuna, of Clifton, N.J., who dealt with infertility after the birth of their first son, then were able to conceive triplets in…continue reading.

I have a penchant for online dating. That’s not to say I meet women in real life–I would say half of my dates are from real life, the other half virtual–but there’s something fun about the whole online thing.

Sex tape alert! Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, settled her lawsuit with the beauty pageant after watching 15 seconds of a previously unreleased sex tape the pageant obtained from TMZ. If you guys remember, Prejean is the girl who sparked nationwide controversy when she told 2009 Miss USA pageant judge Perez Hilton that marriage should…continue reading.

Hello my delicious interwebs. I hope you’re thoroughly enjoying I’m sure you are. How can anyone not just love sinking their teeth into one of AV Flox’s salacious creations? In my last diary entry, I mentioned that I’ve recently been reacquainted with the possibility of “falling in ridiculous mountain-moving spellbinding love, and not with danger,…continue reading.

They have sex, they write about sex, they educate others about sex, and they fight for the freedom to enjoy sex in its many variations. They’re sex bloggers and they’re dressing down once again for the 2010 Sex Blogger Calendar. All proceeds from sales go to help the Sex Work Awareness, an organization with a…continue reading.

When my father proposed to my mother, he told her she was a beautiful collage of hideous things. Not the most romantic thing in the world, so it doesn’t surprise me that he had to propose a couple more times before she said yes. But at least she was a beautiful collage. Dr. Reza Vossough,…continue reading.