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Everything has a reason, they say. Yesterday Maggie Koerth-Baker at BoingBoing reported on a team of researchers trying to figure out how head plays into the scheme of things by studying the oral habits of fruit bats. In their paper, published on October 28th in the journal PLoS ONE, researchers Min Tan, Gareth Jones, Guangjian…continue reading.

Sexting. Twexting. And now: retrosexing, regretrosexing, and fretrosexing. It’s true: if you can’t squeeze sex into a word, you’re just not cool enough for the times. Let’s start with retrosexing and work our way through. Deidre Fulton at The Phoenix has the best run-down: Retrosexuals are people who rewind their own lives, digging into their…continue reading.

Face it, few people really love condoms. But we’re eternally grateful and have learned to deal with them. Companies are always trying to innovate the product and we have them to thank for fruity-flavored blowjobs, which may not be bomb, but are far better than dentist glove-tasting ones. Of course, every once in a while,…continue reading.

Kate Hudson discusses her sex life with her parents! OMG! According to Monsters and Critics, the actress is an oversharer when it comes to sex, unhesitatingly regaling her mother Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell with deets of her exploits with New York Yankees baseball player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. A source close to the star…continue reading.

Dopamine, the decade’s “it” neurotransmitter, has taken a Pluto-style demotion. Once regarded as the brain chemical that made us feel good and got us addicted to that feeling, is now believed to be more centered on motivation, says The New York Times: People talk of getting their “dopamine rush” from chocolate, music, the stock market,…continue reading.

Volusia County, Florida–you’ve heard of it, it’s where Daytona’s at. It seems they take their golf more seriously than they do their government and the interests of taxpayers and hard-working Americans. According to The News-Journal, an Arkansas-based sex phone operator has been getting prank calls from Velusia County’s government center. Everyone is joking about how…continue reading.

Back in high school, my friends and I had a special code phrase for getting it on: doing laundry. It possibly originated in the belief that having sex on a washing machine while it was in the spin cycle led to a more intense orgasm, but I can’t be sure. The funny thing is, a…continue reading.

The female Australian redback spider is known for eating its suitors as a post-coital snack. What we didn’t know until recently is why the spider behaved in this way. Apparently, it has to do with foreplay. According to research by Jeffrey Stoltz and Maydianne Andrade at the University of Toronto, a male redback has to…continue reading.

The National Enquirer is reporting (you still don’t understand, do you? In Los Angeles, The National Enquirer has as much–if not more–weight than the Los Angeles Times) that there is a David Letterman sex tape. Yup, the guy didn’t know where the cameras were in his own studio. Rookie move, d00d. Now there’s a tape…continue reading.

A study by researchers Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology showed that the color red increases desire in men for women astronomically–completely unrelated to a female’s appearance. How? Participants in the study were asked to rate black-and-white pictures of women–some of these were shown on a red background…continue reading.