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“A place can influence a couples’ pleasure quotient,” says Dr. Shivi Jaggi, a sex counselor. “Any place outside the stereotypical bedroom will help couples keep alive their sexual fire. The reason why they find hotel rooms more appealing than their bedrooms is because it’s a new pleasure playground that takes their mind away from mundane…continue reading.

An oldie but goodie because I’m feeling a little cranky up here in my ivory tower and misery loves company: Dr. Robert Holden is the author of Success Intelligence and a firm believer that a high intelligence quotient spells doom in relationships. In a piece at the Daily Mail, he explains: IQ is all to…continue reading.

My name is Adora Flame.  I am here to share with you my dear Internets, my mischievous little voyeurs of all that burns deep within the hearts of feline spirits and between my divinely mouthwatering thighs, the sins, wins, losses, and lessons learned from loving long and hard in Los Angeles. My first LA love,…continue reading.

What’s better than giving or getting a good flogging, my earth-conscious poppies of pain and decadence? Giving or getting a good flogging and recycling at the same time! Earth Erotics, a green-conscious sex toy company, produces a recycled rubber whip. It’s “a spanking to feel good about.” I’m partial to leather–sorry, PETA–but this level of…continue reading.

He began undressing me quickly, furiously, before we had even closed the hotel room door behind us. Naked save for my stilettos, he pulled back and looked at me in the dim light. “You’re spectacular,” he said, then paused and flicked on the light. He paused for a moment to look at me. There was…continue reading.

Consumer Reports tests all kinds of products to ascertain their reliability and safety. Recently, they performed a test on 20 different brands of condoms: The condoms that received a perfect score are: Durex Performax Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated Lifestyles Warming Pleasure Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy Trojan Magnum Lubricated Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy Trojan Ultra Thin…continue reading.

The November issue of Pediatrics is reporting on some studies done by researchers at the University of Pittsburg on teen girls’ body weights, perceived body weights and sexual habits. This is what they found: Caucasian girls who thought they were underweight — whether they actually were or not — were more likely to have had…continue reading.

“Pleasure without borders”–that’s what West German headlines called the exodus of East Germans to their sex shops 20 years ago, when the Berlin Wall fell. From couples to grandmothers–everyone wanted to take a look at what the West had to offer. Communist East Germany had suppressed pornography and pleasure instruments, labeling these “bourgeois decadence.” Of…continue reading.

It’s Monday morning, 6:00AM. Traffic is going to be killer, and you know it, you think as the elevator doors open and you step in to be greeted by the condescending looks of a jogger and an older man with two shih-poos on matching leashes. Yes, you’re still wearing the dress you were wearing the…continue reading.

You can’t swing a Fendi in this town without hitting two vegans, so it makes perfect sense that people are taking their sex habits on the bandwagon. Presenting: RFSU condoms (RFSU stands for Riksförbundet för sexuell upplysning, which Swedish for Association for Sexuality Education). Their condoms are certified vegan by the nonprofit Vegan Action. Vegan?…continue reading.