David Letterman Sex Tape

Oct 23, 2009 • Hollywoody, News, Sex Tape

The National Enquirer is reporting (you still don’t understand, do you? In Los Angeles, The National Enquirer has as much–if not more–weight than the Los Angeles Times) that there is a David Letterman sex tape.

sextapeYup, the guy didn’t know where the cameras were in his own studio. Rookie move, d00d. Now there’s a tape floating about of his indiscretions with a much younger staffer. Not sure whether Vivid will take interest in this one, but it is sure to play a role in the case against his blackmailer in some form or another.

“If the tape makes its way into the criminal case, it’ll explode his marriage to smithereens,” a close source told the Enquirer. And it could be the last straw with CBS executives to boot.

Messy, messy.

Image by Jonathan Davis (modified).