We Can Haz Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Plz?

Nov 09, 2009 • Hollywoody, News, Sex Tape

Sex tape alert! Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, settled her lawsuit with the beauty pageant after watching 15 seconds of a previously unreleased sex tape the pageant obtained from TMZ.

If you guys remember, Prejean is the girl who sparked nationwide controversy when she told 2009 Miss USA pageant judge Perez Hilton that marriage should be between a man and a woman, then almost lost the crown after semi-nude photos surfaced of her (in breach of the Miss California pageant rules), then did lose the crown allegedly for refusing to pose for Playboy.

Bumblef*ck, right? Anyway, she sued the pageant for libel, religious discrimination and the release of her medical records (AKA, her boob job, which the pageant paid for), but recently settled after pageant attorneys showed her a little gem of a tape that TMZ had obtained but kept under wraps “because it was so racy.”

Oh, man, do we want our hands on that one.

The deposed beauty queen was scheduled to appear on Today next week to push her new book, but now producers are all over TMZ for deets about her debut as an amateur solo porn star. It’s not quite the same, but that interview should be titillating to watch for us shameless members of the vulture culture just the same.

Image via TMX. Information from The Legal Examiner.