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It has been discovered that the chairman of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), an advocacy organization that seeks to advance the rights of consenting adults of alternative sexualities, was embezzling money from the non-profit from 2011 until her death a couple of days ago. The NCSF nevertheless continues in its efforts to help people of alternative sexualities combat discrimination and stigma.

The Adult Trading Card Company (who last year brought you the rather lolsy porn-meets-Dungeons and Dragons-sorta-kinda moment with their Fantasy Series cards) is upping the ante this coming year with a coffee table book called Naked In Nature showcasing the day’s hottest porn stars, posed naked in the wild. It’s like Earth Porn, only with naked porn stars lounging in the beauty of the natural world!

On November 21, United States President Barack Obama signed a bill reversing the ban preventing people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from donating their organs after death. This coup comes two years after a paper was published estimating that some 500 people with HIV would be eligible for organ donation if not for the ban, enabling hundreds of life-saving transplants for patients also infected with the virus.

Google has developed a word list to keep devices running the new Android KitKat operating system from auto-completing or auto-correcting “inappropriate” words. Some of them are so predictable (sex), you’ll roll your eyes. But some others are curious. Why are they banning “geek”? Or “preggers”? Why “uterus” but not “marijuana”?

Today is December 17, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, a day created to bring attention to the crimes committed against men and women in sex work. This day isn’t about trafficking. Human trafficking and sex work are different things. In fact, failing to see the difference between those things hurts sex works more than helps them. They don’t need to be “rescued” from their work. They need rights. Until sex workers are given rights, the dangers they face will only continue.

Last week presented a brief moment of vindication for men and women in relationships that fall outside the realm of the couple. In a 91-page decision, Federal District Court Judge Clark Waddoups ruled that Utah’s bigamy law, which forms part of their prohibition against polygamy, was too broad because it bans not only being married to more than one person, but also prohibits cohabitating with someone other than one’s spouse.

Everyone you speak with in the adult industry is fast to spell out the evils of copyright infringement online. Everyone except Farrell Timlake, that is. Timlake is the founder of Homegrown Video, a 31-year-old company with over 800 videos in its main series. Timlake thinks there is something to be gained from the sort of community free helps to build — something he learned while selling tie-dye shirts on a number of parking lots as he followed the Grateful Dead around the nation.

We’ve heard stories about our country’s leaders, both real and false. In our times, it’s hard to consume news without running into some scandal or another. Like them or hate them, information about political leaders is always useful in getting a picture of that person in that place and time. With this in mind, the Medical History of American Presidents is being compiled. Here’s a whirlwind tour of their reproductive and urological conditions.

From a corporate token of good-will to a symbol of romantic interest, there are few occasions chocolate won’t serve you well. Granted, the following shapes probably won’t prove as versatile. Or maybe they will — there is something very corporate about assholes.

Most people involved with social issues and film know Dhruv Dhawan as an acclaimed documentary filmmaker. But in his family, Dhawan is the eldest son, which means that success is more than making a mark in one’s industry. Ever since he graduated, the pressure to marry has mounted. Finding the idea of life-long monogamy difficult, Dhawan decided to explore the basis of marriage and monogamy in the only way he knows how — through film. This is the result.