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When the trade magazine Adult Video News, better known as AVN, was founded in 1983, there was very little in the way of attention from the mainstream media when it came to issues facing the adult industry. That’s no longer the case — we now live in a world where sex is often reported in high-profile, mainstream places. What does that mean for AVN and properties like it?

Porn consumption has received a fair amount of attention in the media, but unfortunately, so far the conversation has only managed to divide people. One camp sees porn as a social blight and the other sees it as a legitimate form of entertainment that’s being unnecessarily attacked by a hysterical minority. In conversations like these, it’s very easy to miss the nuance, which we need.

Looking over 900,000 reviews on the popular restaurant review website Yelp, researchers found an interesting trend among positive postings: the more expensive the restaurant, the more reviews used sex-related words and imagery in their reviews, such as “orgasmic,” “seductive,” “hedonistic,” “sex,” “sinful,” “sultry.” Why do you suppose that is?

Bloodlust Productions is an online shop that works in props and special effects, bringing their talents with silicone and latex to the consumer through swimwear, clothing and accessories. Two years ago they debuted this horrific beauty, based on the occult magic textbook Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, which appears as the antagonist in the Evil Dead movie franchise.

Branden Eich has resigned as CEO of Mozilla. This news comes moments after OKCupid removed a message warning Firefox users accessing the dating site that Eich had donated to support of California’s Proposition 8, which sought to disable the legalization of same-sex marriage in the state.

Sometimes I joke that I’m “all out of fucks.” And I’m not the only one who describes concern this way. In fact, “there goes the last fuck” renders 49,500,000 results in Google. Countless gifs have been made illustrating the many fucks given — sometimes in flight, sometimes in a glass but always in association with scarcity. We either don’t want to give a fuck, or we have no more fucks left to give. But this isn’t descriptive of how concern works. Concern is not a limited resource.

Today, the social mapping company Waze announced it had acquired the dating and hook-up platform SingleSpotter, enabling them to offer their users a product called WazeDates, which gives drivers access to one another’s relationship status, so they can determine whether to send a private message or continue with road rage as usual. This is, of course, an April Fool’s joke, but to single commuters who spend a good chunk of their lives in a car, it’s no laughing matter.

A recent study found that sex makes a difference in how well partners cope with physical illness in the relationship, suggesting that sex is the bridge that helps couples pull through during the tough times. A healthy sex life — whatever your preferred way of engaging in it — is a powerful first line of defense against stress and life difficulties.

The 46-year-old Grégoire Guillemin is the strategic planner and creative director at Infoflash, a French communications agency, but he’s best known as Léon, the creator of a series that gives viewers an inside look at the everyday lives of superheroes and arch villains. It’s a seamy spin on Lichtenstein — recast inside a comic nerd’s biggest fantasies — and, simultaneously, touchingly mundane.

Last week, a user-generated campaign urging women to post photos of themselves without makeup raised $3 million for cancer research. Inspired, a man decided to bring the fundraising effort to other men, and kicked off the #cockinasock campaign. The result has been a massive influx of pix featuring guys wearing socks on their penises, a la Red Hot Chili Peppers. And it’s kind of amazing.