We want your product to ride our sidebar all night long. Oh, yeah.

Any person representing a product or service related to sex, relationships or desire is welcome to inquire about advertising with us. That said, we do not advertise products or services that are unfamiliar to us, so please allow some time for us to investigate. Our readers are very important to us and we would never suggest that they invest any of their time or resources on something we ourselves do not believe in.

We have our biases, though, the TL;DR is that we are primarily interested in making people’s sex lives and relationships better — that means all people impacted by the sex or relationships in question. One-sided products like books, courses, or potions to “make” someone love you or “get” someone in bed fundamentally objectify another person and deny their agency, and, as a result, are of no interest to us.

We like science and have no patience for products that make big claims without data to back them up. We will dig into it and you might end up with a terrible review instead of an ad. If you’re in the business of woo, you’re encouraged to direct your kundalini-prana-chi magic to some other site. Sorry — we know it’s tough to advertise anything related to sex, but this is skeptic territory.

Fine print: Running an ad with us does not give any company or individual the right to dictate editorial choices made by this site. That means that if you subsequently release a lame product, write a crappy book, run a stupid ad campaign, etc., we’ll probably write about it — even if you have an ad running with us. And if you do something absolutely horrible (here’s an example), we reserve the right to yank your ads without refund.

We’re harsh mistresses. You should see our bull whip collection.

Here’s the good news: We give preference to books of scientific or social significance and generously discount or waive costs to support important self-published works and boot-strapped start-ups. In addition, since we care about a cohesive aesthetic, you don’t have to make the ads yourself or submit imagery for us to use. You’re welcome to do so, of course. But we reserve the right to make the final decision about what the ads look like.

Go on, then.

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We kicked off 2015 with ads for Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert’s More Than Two, which lays out strategies for having ethical and satisfying non-monogamous relationships. The ad makes use of two images of molecular models photographed by E. Baqi, DSC_2324b.jpg and DSC_2326b.jpg, both CC BY 2.0.

During 2014, we ran ads for Carin Bondar’s book about animal courtship and mating habits, The Nature of Human Nature. These ads used a photo by DominĂ– (Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0).