Brangelina–OVER?! N0WAI.

Jan 23, 2010 • Hollywoody, News

There is no sex scandal here. It’s just two outrageously sexy people whose movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith holds a delicious little place in our gun-totting hearts here at Sex and the 405.

According to the Times Online, the sexiest couple alive is parting ways. The couple who is unmarried (having said they wouldn’t until gay marriage became legal in the U.S.), have signed papers dealing with the custody of their six children. According to the Herald Sun, the children will live with Jolie.

The Herald Sun gets their info from the Times, which gets their info from the News of the World newspaper.

Brangelina’s people aren’t saying anything other than anything relating to a split is a “private matter.”

Call me a hopeless Angelino, but I’m not buying this until I see it on TMZ.

Image from Scrape TV. Information from all over the webs, as linked, via Melissa.